Our goal is to help our users create the best VFX at the best price. We're honored to hear all the great things they're saying, and all the great ways they're using our products in their projects. Below are what a few of them had to say:

Most recently, we made use of their ActionVFX elements on AMC's hit TV show "The Walking Dead". Using their Explosions Vol. 2 Collection enabled our team to pull off convincing explosions in a short amount of time.

ActionVFX's elements are excellent to use because they're shot with a clear understanding of visual effects. Their library is extensive, and the resolution size and file formats adhere to industry standards. I will continue to use them and recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product.
Christian Cardona — Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Picture Shop
Since the moment we first used ActionVFX there has been no turning back - I have not gone back to our old elements library since. The quality is fantastic! High Resolution, High Speed, Loads of Range and minimal cropping of elements. This is simply the standard of material comp should be working with, no question.
Jonathan Alenskas — DFX Supervisor at Stargate Studios Malta
It’s extremely easy to work with the elements. They’re high quality, high frame rate, great dynamic range with tons of detail and they don’t break frame. I especially love the elements that interact with geometry like the Structure Fire or the Ground Fire elements.
Sindre Johnsen — Lead Compositor at CoSA VFX
Not only is your stuff shot very well, but everything is within frame and properly exposed with nothing clipping, which is fantastic! You have a library of options that are all consistent and shot well, which is really important.
Kyle Spiker — Lead Compositor at VFX Legion
I am a freelance VFX Supervisor that worked for Bad Idea Inc. where I created and managed a team to finish the VFX for the 4K Netflix and Univision show El Chapo seasons 2 &3. I must have used at least 2-3,000 ActionVFX muzzle flashes and smoke elements. We find ourselves using AcitionVFX stock footage everyday as our go-to for muzzle flashes and bullet hits. 

Having such a particular showrunner who wants to see every bit of detail in muzzle flashes, fire, smoke and explosions, we found ourselves creating more work and revisions for our team while using sub par stock footage. ActionVFX eliminates the need for us to fake detail. Their VFX Stock Footage Collections helps us achieve shots that should be quick and simple. 
Manmeet Singh — Freelance VFX Supervisor
From launch ActionVFX immediately became my favorite stock footage source. All the content is well designed, expertly isolated and incredibly easy to use. I never hesitate to recommend it to every filmmaker I know.
Josh Davies — CEO of HitFilm
My film Arctic needed realistic snow plates. We attempted to use several other methods, but found that using the elements from ActionVFX was by far the best option. Many times, if was far more realistic to use their actual footage over computer-generated particles.
Joe Penna, a.k.a MysteryGuitarMan — Director at MysteryGuitarMan
The ActionVFX collections are perhaps the most important stock libraries used in my visual effects work.  Access to raw and high resolution files finally allows for low budget composites to shine, especially in the current camera market where even the smallest productions have access to raw or 4K+ footage. Deadlines are insanely short in the music video world; the well matted, well shot, and the wide variety of assets from ActionVFX have already saved a number of my jobs from going over budget or falling apart completely.
Andrew Donoho — VMA Award-Winning Director at Diktator
ActionVFX elements are the best in the industry, combining significant dynamic range, high resolution and frame rates. They provide immense flexibility, help save time, and, in the end, result in a higher quality shot. Having high quality elements at your disposal not only makes you more efficient as an artist, but also helps create a significantly better looking shot.
Colin Feist — FX Supervisor/Compositor at Zoic Studios
We used ActionVFX on Season Two of ZOO and were really impressed! We have a pretty extensive library, but nothing was able to do the job until we used their Structure Fire elements library. The quality of ActionVFX elements is extraordinary. Their 4K resolution and high detail makes them ideal candidates for shots where other elements wouldn't hold up.
Erik T. Jensen — Comp Supervisor at CVD VFX
The ActionVFX library was awesome. The amount of variation and the quality of the footage was everything we were looking for. The Structure Fires were perfect for the spaceship crash and we couldn't find any other stock footage like it. Instead of waiting for simulations, we had the ability to jump right in and focus on putting the fire where we wanted it and choosing what characteristics we wanted it to have by layering and tweaking the footage in compositing. The footage quality is well beyond other stock footage collections, and there's an added plus that most ActionVFX footage is provided pre-keyed as well as originally shot.
Jennifer Chiu — Founder/Executive Producer at Motion Sickness
ActionVFX has become one of my go-to resources when I'm building out VFX shots. Between color information, frame rate and resolution, I know I have the information to make a plate fit a shot. I also really appreciate the variety of angles and options they provide. You can't go wrong picking up a collection.
Brian Behm — Director/VFX Compositor at Rooster Teeth
We used many ActionVFX Muzzle Flashes, Fire, Smoke, Dust, and Sparks assets on our Joker Vs Joker video. Long story short, they're amazing! The muzzle flashes are the best I've ever worked with and truly look like the real deal.
Danny Shepherd — Co-Founder of Ismahawk
I love using the stock footage elements from ActionVFX; super high quality, tons of variety and easy to composite into any shot. About as close to the real thing as you can get! I am really impressed with the quality and versatility of the elements. They make it super easy to make a good shot look great - just add, composite and done!
Tobias Gleissenberger — Founder/Host of Surfaced Studio
ActionVFX is my number one choice for all things that go boom! Whenever I want to explode, shoot, or set something on fire, it's much easier and less illegal to use ActionVFX's awesome stock footage. ActionVFX is the not only best thing since sliced bread... it's way better! Bread sucks compared this stock footage - now that I think about it, it's not a fair comparison really.
Grant Cook — Founder/Host of Film Learnin
ActionVFX has become our first port of call when requiring quality elements that we can rely on. Not only are their products vast and aesthetically appealing but they are also created with the end user in mind with an understanding of the visual effects pipeline. The proactive team is helpful and adaptable to our needs. We highly recommend their service and products.
Greg Flannagan — Founding Partner/VFX Supervisor at Cause+FX
The highly-detailed content from ActionVFX has been a fantastic help in creating particle FX for our games.  Not only is there great content to use as flipbooks on particles, but they also serve as great visual studies of physical movement.
Rob Jolliff — Senior Tech Artist at Redemption Games
The ActionVFX footage has been an incredibly valuable resource, they have exceeded our expectations and we'll continue to check back, see what's new and use their collection on future projects.
James Rodgers — Director at Lunar Animation
ActionVFX is the next level in stock element VFX! The range, quality and volume is really impressive. So nice to see quality products for professionals in the film and television industry. In the future I'm sure you'll see them in most types of media.
Thomas Asche — VFX Artist at Chopping Block Post Production
We have been impressed with the quality and variety of products that ActionVFX offers. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality effects. The quality of [their] products exceed other's offerings. Great mattes and color correction. Very good selection and glad to see [them] expanding it.
Troy Benesch — Creative Director at V! Studios
ActionVFX is stock footage for filmmakers by filmmakers – I'm amazed no one has done it this way before.
Thomas Bailey — Owner/Creative Director at Bandit Productions
The love ActionVFX has for what they do shows in the quality & quantity of their collections. They make me look good. Thank you for hitting the ground running and not letting up! I'm looking forward to what you guys come up with next!
Quincy Logan — Owner/Creative Director at QUIVLO MEDIA, LLC
ActionVFX has a ton of well-shot elements that are neatly organized and easy to work with.  We use them on shots large and small to bring an additional level of realism to our work.
Grant Miller — VFX Supervisor at Ingenuity Studios
Using ActionVFX stock footage really made the process of implementing visual effects into our workflow key to not only the time saving factor, but also the professional final looking result. You get professional elements to work with and you are always guaranteed that the quality is top notch. On top of that, the guys at ActionVFX are down to earth lovely people who will answer any questions you have. I wouldn't hesitate to use anything they bring out.
Stuart Cohen — VFX Artist and Director
After years of filmmaking, these effects are the fastest way to achieve a good looking image without losing the organic feel of it.
Julen De La Serna — DOP/Editor at Arteman Komunikazioa