Filmmaker Chris Lofing Uses ActionVFX in Heartwarming Proposal

Filmmaker Chris Lofing Uses ActionVFX in Heartwarming Proposal

July 28, 2023
David Lugo

Filmmaker Chris Lofing created this VFX scene from The Flash using ActionVFX assets... and the rest is history.

VFX artists have told us that ActionVFX helps bring them home to see their families. But recently, we had the opportunity to help make dreams come true. Chris Lofing, a talented filmmaker and a friend of ActionVFX, recently got engaged! But this wasn’t any ordinary proposal.

You might remember Chris and his team at Tremendum Pictures from last year when we featured his impressive VFX reel:

This time, Chris is back with something even more special. In true Chris Lofing style, he set the stage (pun intended) for his surprise proposal with this recreation of a scene from The Flash. Chris told us that ActionVFX assets “came in clutch because I only had about three days to shoot, edit and do the VFX for this entire thing without her knowing.”

We’re proud to have played a very small part in making their dreams become reality. Congratulations, Chris and Andrea!

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