Lost Boys Studios | How A Renowned VFX School Utilizes ActionVFX Products

Lost Boys Studios | How A Renowned VFX School Utilizes ActionVFX Products

March 5, 2019
Cody Vineyard

Over the last 20+ years, Lost Boys Studios has remained among the top VFX school destinations.

Lost Boys Studios is a visual effects school that has a massive reputation for producing talented VFX artists. Not only is Lost Boys ranked in the top 10 for VFX schools worldwide by The Hollywood Reporter, but graduates have a 99% placement rate. Yes, you read that right!

The Canadian-based school mirrors the youthful culture of VFX production, and in doing so, has found a productive mix of innovation and imagination they strive to embrace every day.

We are excited to share with you a testimonial video on how ActionVFX has become part of the classroom at Lost Boys Studios!
The Lost Boys School of VFX spends the majority of their time teaching and improving the curriculum, and not a lot of time developing assets. They depend heavily on asset libraries to give students a hands-on experience.

Mark Benard, Founder and Creative Director, understands the difficulty in searching for high-quality, consistent stock footage. ActionVFX Collections have become the professional VFX stock footage they trust.

ActionVFX gave us the opportunity to replace the vast majority of our stock footage library with their very well organized, easy to source library, where I knew the quality was going to be at a very high level and consistent across the board.
 - Mark Benard
At the end of the day, ActionVFX helps Lost Boys Studios do what they do best — equipping VFX artists to be successful and propelling them into the industry. Ganz Ramalingam, Composting Program Lead, views ActionVFX products as a way to teach students with premium stock footage that's used in the current VFX industry. 

The thing I liked about ActionVFX was it allows us as a school to produce more professional results, more akin to what the industry is doing. So, when recruiters, or leads, or supervisors look at our students work they feel like our students are able to produce the same quality of work they would expect from a junior artist.     - Ganz Ramalingam

We would like to thank Lost Boys Studios for taking the time to share with us how they implement ActionVFX stock footage in the classroom!

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