FilmRiot: Remaking Star Wars VFX with Miniatures and ActionVFX

FilmRiot: Remaking Star Wars VFX with Miniatures and ActionVFX

August 15, 2023
David Lugo

Learn how FilmRiot recreated Star Wars VFX with the ActionVFX Sci-Fi Planets collection and a miniature.

The Star Wars franchise had a massive impact on the VFX industry. George Lucas and ILM pushed the limits of practical and visual effects, creating a sci-fi universe with one of the world’s largest fan bases.

We’re always thrilled to see how VFX artists use our assets, and today we’re excited to highlight FilmRiot’s recreation of Star Wars VFX using miniatures and the ActionVFX Sci-Fi Planets collection.

Watch FilmRiot's full Star Wars VFX breakdown:

How to Composite Star Wars Planet VFX

Here is a brief step-by-step summary of how FilmRiot composited this shot in After Effects after filming the miniatures.

1. Green Screen Keying in After Effects:

  • Begin by importing the footage into After Effects.
  • Utilize the "Keylight" effect to effectively remove the green background. Ensure the subject is distinct, devoid of any green remnants.

2. Adjusting Color and Contrast:

  • Implement the "Curves" effect on your footage to enhance brightness and detail.
  • If there are discrepancies in color balance, the "Tint" effect can be used to achieve the desired harmony.

3. Incorporating ActionVFX's Sci-Fi Planets Pack:

  • Integrate the desired planet assets from our Sci-Fi Planets pack into the shot.
  • Strategically position these celestial elements in the background to establish depth and context.
  • Apply color correction tools, such as "Curves" or "Hue/Saturation," to ensure the planets align with the scene's ambiance.

4. Camera Movement and Stabilization:

Use tools like Red Giant Universe's “Camera Shake" to simulate realistic camera movement, adjusting settings for optimal results.

5. Finalizing the Composition:

  • Enhance the composition with additional effects, such as grain or glow, to achieve a cohesive visual experience.
  • It's imperative to preview the final composition, ensuring all elements are harmoniously integrated.
Space has always been a source of fascination and wonder. With tools like our Sci-Fi Planets collection, filmmakers can bring the cosmos to life in their projects. We love how FilmRiot used our assets, and are excited to see what other VFX artists make with them!

If you have used any ActionVFX elements in any creations, please consider sharing them with us!


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