ActionVFX Elements Enter The Horror Genre | Ma Movie

ActionVFX Elements Enter The Horror Genre | Ma Movie

July 16, 2019
Cody Vineyard

Learn how VFX Legion incorporates ActionVFX Elements in the psychological horror movie Ma.

Warning! There are spoilers beyond this point.

Ma is a bone-chilling movie about a solitary woman, played by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, who meets a group of teenagers and lets them party at her house. As the film progresses, the teenagers begin to see "Ma" has ulterior motives.

What ensues is not for the weak or squeamish. When you hear names such as Blumhouse Productions and Universal behind the reins of a horror, you're in for a thrill and a good movie. Grab your popcorn!

MA VFX Breakdown Reel (Contains Spoilers) from VFX Legion on Vimeo.

While the entire movie had different types of VFX involved, some VFX assets seemed oddly familiar. You guessed it! ActionVFX Elements were used by our long-time customer VFX Legion.

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VFX Legion has used our products on numerous projects in the past, but on this occasion, the ActionVFX library makes a fiery entry when the audience was on the edge of their seat in the final moments of Ma

"It closes the movie with a sweeping aerial shot filmed from a drone that begins at a distance and passes over the house revealing a 360-degree view of it engulfed in flames. A late addition to the production, the shot was included to ensure that the climactic ending left the audience with no doubt as to the fate of anyone still inside." James Hattin | Co-Founder & Creative Director

Some of the original footage shot on set for the scene did not work, so they scrapped the drone footage and built a CG scene through their "master model builder and CG Artist" Mark Hennessy-Barrett. Some of their simulated flames on the house were not satisfactory, so they decided to go with their steadfast ActionVFX library.

ActionVFX Fire Elements were put to good use, allowing VFX Legion to complete the challenging shot.

"We opted to use stock footage from ActionVFX’s library. Layering the high-resolution elements into the shot provided an efficient solution, maintained the integrity of the shot, and kept us on schedule." Nate Smalley | Head of Production
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