Customer Project: How Crafty Apes VFX Studio Uses ActionVFX Stock Footage

Customer Project: How Crafty Apes VFX Studio Uses ActionVFX Stock Footage

April 30, 2020
Cody Vineyard

Crafty Apes use ActionVFX assets to elevate their workflow and compositing amidst Hollywood projects.

To begin, what hasn't Crafty Apes done in the industry? If you have never heard of this collection of over 200 artists across six territories, you have surely seen their work on the big screens or TV.

Crafty Apes is a VFX and production studio that has serviced a large number of projects in the industry. From post-production work in Stranger Things and Zombieland: Double Tap to Deadpool 2 and The Walking Dead, they have added their creative touch in many blockbuster projects.

This means that ActionVFX elements have, too — in over 50 projects.
We were given the chance to be able to visit the Atlanta branch of Crafty Apes to learn about all the exciting movies and shows ActionVFX is a part of.

Along with seeing the incredible VFX shots with our assets that hit theaters and TVs all around the world, we were able to sit down and understand just how important ActionVFX is to the workflow and culture of Crafty Apes.
Chris LeDoux, Founder and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, views ActionVFX in a competitive light, where studios compete to create the best VFX sequences for their customers. 

"I probably wouldn't recommend ActionVFX to other VFX studios because I think it would give them an edge over me. So, I would prefer the competitive edge for myself." — Chris LeDoux 

Since Crafty Apes is mainly a 2D-centered compositing studio, the teams at Crafty Apes rely on VFX assets to stay on schedule with their projects. Whatever vision directors hand to them, they are able to create it with the help of ActionVFX elements.
One of the projects that ActionVFX products are especially useful in is one of Netflix's most popular originals: Stranger Things. A lot of our atmospheric products were used to set the scene. A couple being our Fog and Dust Elements.
On the 20th Century Fox film Stuber, Crafty Apes was in charge of mixing in muzzle flash elements with practical muzzle flashes. ActionVFX Muzzle Flashes are real flashes that are filmed at various angles, providing compositors with what they need. It makes sense that our Muzzle flashes were the choice to pair with practical effects.

"While they tried to use as many practical muzzle flashes as they can, directors always want more. So we're able to take elements from the ActionVFX library, supplement those in, and they drop right in with the real stuff." — Sean Thigpen, VFX Supervisor
ActionVFX products being available to the Crafty Apes team holds importance for reasons outside of the office, as well. 

"ActionVFX gets me home to see my family. It's easy to go through and the effects are above and beyond the rest. There is no comparison to what I've found out there previously."  — Bryan Haines, VFX Compositor

With Crafty Apes expanding rapidly, they need to be able to rely on elements that will keep their business and projects thriving. ActionVFX products bring an increase in efficiency that saves Crafty Apes tens of thousands of dollars.

After our visit with the team of Crafty Apes, there is one revelation that Crafty Apes wants the world of visual effects to know.

If you're not using ActionVFX, you're just doing it wrong. It helps us out in every single project, almost every single day. It's hard to find a very specific time where it's really saved us or shined, because it shines constantly." — Bryan Haines, VFX Compositor
Be on the lookout for Crafty Apes and ActionVFX elements, you may be binge-watching their incredible work with our products and expertise without knowing it!

Thank you to Crafty Apes for letting us visit the office and spend time with you finding out how ActionVFX products are used in your pipeline. 

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