VFX Legion: How ActionVFX Stock Footage Benefit This VFX Studio

VFX Legion: How ActionVFX Stock Footage Benefit This VFX Studio

February 21, 2019
Jamie Dalusio

VFX Legion has been creating high-quality VFX since 2013 all while leveraging ActionVFX Stock Footage.

VFX Legion is a production/VFX studio and longtime customer of ActionVFX. They have been creating VFX for television and feature films for the last 6 years and show no sign of slowing down! With the help of ActionVFX stock footage, VFX Legion is consistently making the most out of every project!

In 2017, we wrote a Blog post that featured Kyle Spiker from VFX Legion and how he utilized ActionVFX assets in their projects. Since then, they have put together a team of 70+ artists with over 20 years of post-production experience and added VFX work in Sony's Superfly, ABC's Scandal, and other blockbuster hits.

We are excited to share with you a testimonial video we put together with James Hattin, Co-Founder and Creative Director, and Nick Guth, Lead Compositor at VFX Legion.
Hattin and Guth understand that digging through potential stock footage is time-consuming. With numerous elements pulled from different sites, a visual effects shot can be more difficult than it needs to be.

"Now everyone knows that a compositor's time is mostly spent searching through various libraries trying to find the perfect element that fits your scene. We take an element from here, and element from here, and we cobble them together. Different color spaces, different frame rates, different resolutions, and it never quite works." — Nick Guth

That's where ActionVFX's Fire Collection stepped in. 

"Having real photographed fire in the scene. It's still one of the hardest things to I think simulate, and that's going to save us a lot of time." - James Hattin

via Gfycat

A big shoutout to James Hattin and Nick Guth for taking the time to share all the awesome work they have created with our VFX Stock Footage Collections. We can't wait to see what they create in the future!

First time here? ActionVFX creates action stock footage for visual effects and filmmaking. (We also have some great free stuff!)

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