General FAQ

How do I remove a black (or white) background from Stock Footage?

Don't worry! This is very easy to do and there are many different ways that you can go about it.
Check out this video we've created to learn about all of the different methods and what they do.

I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

To reset your password, simply enter your ActionVFX account email address on the forgot my password page.
After entering your email, you will be sent a confirmation link to be able to create a new password.

Please note that reset links can expire if left more than 24 hours.

How can I download all of my products at once?

You can download your effects individually or by Collection.
In addition to the "Download all (format)" button available for full Collections, you now have the option to download via a download manager.

Using a Direct Download:
If you head over to your "My Downloads" page and select a collection, you will see one or more green buttons above the file type that says "Download All." 
Simply choose the file type in the Collection you purchased that you wish to download, and click "Download All." Some collections contain multiple types of files: PRORES, MXF, R3D, etc... Be aware that a particular clip may only be available under PRORES.

Using a Download Manager:
If you would prefer using a download manager, there are many options out there. As long as they come with a browser plugin to catch the download, you should be fine with whichever you pick.

However, for Windows, we prefer Internet Download Manager (IDM) which allows you to save your ActionVFX login. When urls are added from ActionVFX for download, you will automatically be authenticated and gain access to your file.

For macOS, we find Maxel to be quite helpful. You are able to browse the ActionVFX download page (simply copy and paste the link) and choose the collection you would like to download.
While neither one of those are free, they do offer free trial or demos, and they both split your download into multiple segments to speed it up.

What software do your effects work in?

While we offer different video formats and file types across our library, we always try to include a Prores version of each effect. 

The Apple Prores file format is supported on a wide number of different composing software, so your software should be covered!
Here are just a few of the many programs that are supported:

If you're having trouble importing the video clips into a software you know supports Apple Prores, please make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your machine.

Licensing FAQ

Does my organization need a Multi-User License

If more than one person will have access to the files at any given point through means of shared storage (like that of a local area network or a NAS), yes. A Multi-User License is required. 
View our License Agreement for more details.

Can I use these effects in a broadcasted television production or movie?

Yes! After you purchase any of our effects, they are yours to be used in essentially any type of project (as long as you're not directly selling the effects, of course.) 
For more specific information on this, visit our Licensing page.

What are the limitations of use for your free products?

The absolute best part about our free products, is that there are no strings attached!
They fall under our same license agreement as our paid products, so they are yours to be used in essentially any type of project (as long as you're not directly selling the effects, of course.)

For more information, please visit our License Agreement.

Do I have to renew my license?

No! Our Lifetime License that is included in both Single-User and Multi-User purchases is a perpetual license. It's yours forever!

For more information, please visit our License Agreement.

The ActionVFX Drive FAQ

Are the original raw files also provided?

Yes! Most of our collections also include the raw, unkeyed footage that we shot. They're delivered in .R3D (for elements shot on RED cameras) and .MXF (for elements shot on Sony cameras). 
Multichannel OpenEXR files with multiple render passes are also provided for most of our CG elements.

I previously bought an ActionVFX Drive. Can I update my drive to receive newly released Collections?

Yes! If you already own the ActionVFX Drive, you can get our new releases with the same discount you received when purchasing the drive. Simply contact us and we'll assist you!