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To better assist our users, we've created this Frequently Asked Questions page to answer some of the more popular questions from our users.

1. "Can I use these effects in a broadcasted television production or movie?" 
Yes! After you purchase any of our effects, they are yours to be used in any type of project (as long as you're not directly selling the effects, of course.) For more specific information, visit our Licensing page.

2. "I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?" 
To reset your password, simply follow the instructions on the "forgot my password" page.

3. "Will my products expire if I don’t download them now?"
No. Your products are your products. They will always be available under the "My Downloads" tab of your account.

4. "Is there a way to download all of my purchased files at once? Through a download manager or .zip file?" 
Yes! You can download entire Collections as a .zip file at the top of your "My Downloads" page. We also support downloading through third-party download managers. For more information, visit our Mass Downloading Article.