Provide artists
with the best
VFX assets
In the world

About Us

The first thing to say about ActionVFX is that without the VFX community, we wouldn't exist. In November 2015, our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded by 446 artists from all over the world who believed in our vision.

Not long ago, artists were limited in their choice of VFX elements because high-quality assets that met the standards of professional work were scarce. We believed there was a better way, so we got to work. Our mission?

To build the undisputed best and largest library of VFX assets in the world.

Since ActionVFX launched in June 2016, every shoot we've done, every product we've released, and every choice we've made have been to achieve this one goal. How close are we? We'll leave that up to you!
ActionVFX is based in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA.

Our Team

  •  0004 rodolphe 4

    Rodolphe Pierre-Louis
    Founder & CEO

  •  0007 luke 1

    Luke Thompson

  •  0002 zac 1

    Zac VanHoy
    Head of Product Development

  •  0005 tommy dress shirt 10

    Tommy Greer

  •  0006 jaime 2

    Jaime Dalusio
    Digital Marketing Strategist

  •  0001 cody 4

    Cody Vineyard
    Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Clayton

    Clayton Walker
    Product Designer

  •  0003 courtland 1

    Courtland Welch
    Production Coordinator

  •  0004 michael dress shirt graded0

    Michael Wilmouth
    Full-Stack Developer

  • Karlee%20goodwin%20(1)

    Karlee Goodwin

  • Ryan%20shipley

    Ryan Shipley
    Business Development Manager

  • May%20jue

    May Jue
    Development Intern

  • Nick%20harrison

    Nicholas Harrison
    Production Intern

  •  0002 fleetwood headshot 8

    Customer Support Specialist