Changing The Game | How ActionVFX Products Elevate Ismahawk Projects

Changing The Game | How ActionVFX Products Elevate Ismahawk Projects

March 21, 2019
Cody Vineyard

Ismahawk has over 600,000 YouTube subscribers with millions of video views. They have a lot in store, and ActionVFX products are along for the ride!

Ismahawk is a YouTube channel and production company specializing in short films, web series, action scenes, and much more. At the moment, their creative videos have garnered more than 90 million well-deserved views.

Ismahawk has grand, creative ideas for many different films and scenes. Like any action-heavy production, there tends to be a lot of post-production VFX work attached.

In this testimonial video, you will see how ActionVFX brings Ismahawk's projects to the next level!
Ismahawk wants to bring the highest quality to every project, giving Hollywood visuals and entertainment, all while on an independently funded budget. How the production team spends their time, money, and resources is crucial.

In order to achieve the standard Ismahawk has set for themselves, they rely on assets that mix the live-action footage with visual effects. Jeremy Le, Head of Production and Cinematographer at Ismahawk, views ActionVFX products as professional elements that are affordable and can enhance their Hollywood production culture.

"The way that it's shot, the perspective, the quality, the realism in those elements help blend into the live footage so much better than what's already available out there right now." — Jeremy Le

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Danny Shepherd, Ismahawk Creative Director and VFX Artist, had an experience with ActionVFX muzzle flashes that made him realize how important ActionVFX products are to their productions. 

"ActionVFX kinda changed the game for us a little bit, it leveled up our projects to a whole new level, and I didn't notice that until we were working on our Joker versus Joker project. When I started compositing the gunshots, I was like, 'these are the dopest gunshots that I've ever worked with.'" — Danny Shepherd

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Every project has its challenges, and having the right VFX assets can make the difference. Day after day, ActionVFX Elements get the job done. 

I've got a huge library of assets, and ActionVFX is the first one I go to whenever I'm compositing anything. — Danny Shepherd

ActionVFX is excited to see Ismahawk's future projects and how ActionVFX products will be a part of it!

If you're interested in other customer testimonials, you can check them out over at the Customer Projects section!

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