One of our goals is to provide as much value to the industry as possible by providing the highest quality paid elements, a blog page, free learning, and free effects to download for your personal VFX library.

Here at ActionVFX, we are committed to empowering today's visual effects community with premium VFX assets. We are very excited to release our latest FREE Collection, Water Sound FX!

During the Summer of 2017, our team spent five intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new Stock Footage Collections, which almost DOUBLES the current Collections on our website! These new Collections include Explosions Vol. 2, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, Snow, Fire, and more. We are very excited to announce our newest additions to the library: Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2!

We are doing some things a bit differently this year. Yes, we are still having a 50% off sale on our entire library of action stock footage, but this time it’s for an entire week! In addition to our usual 50% off, we’ve got two more things we’re adding into the mix! Check out the details below.