Compositing with Free Green Screen VFX Stock Footage

Compositing with Free Green Screen VFX Stock Footage

August 31, 2023
David Lugo

Access a variety of free HD VFX assets on a green screen from explosions and fire effects to crowd extras and more.

Using designated composting software like After Effects, Nuke, or Davinci Resolve is always best if you are doing VFX. However, if you are working on a small project in a standard video editor like Capcut, you might need access to VFX stock footage on a green screen.

Here are some of our best-selling VFX collections in HD on a green background. Feel free to download these YouTube videos to use the royalty-free clips in your projects.

If you’re looking for production-quality VFX assets, explore our expansive VFX library.

Learn VFX from Home with These Free Resources

Free Green Screen Blood and Gore Effects | Free Download

This collection of blood and gore effects on a green screen includes ten royalty-free clips including blood hits, severed limbs, blood mist, blood splatter, blood in water, bleeding wounds, and bleeding fabric effects.

Free Green Screen Bullet Hits and Muzzle Flash Effects | Free Download

These HD gun effects are perfect for action sequences, war films, and video games. Includes muzzle flashes, gun smoke, bullet shells, and bullet hits.

Free Green Screen Space Effects | Free Download

This collection features space VFX including sci-fi planets, nebulas, and meteors. These clips are perfect for astronomy-focused content and fantasy narratives.

Free Green Screen Explosions | Free Download

Some of our best-selling collections are our explosion assets, and you can use them for free in your projects! This video contains 10 explosion clips on a green screen background. It features features large and small-scale gas explosions, dust explosions, aerial blasts, and even nuclear explosions.

Free Blue Screen Trees and Leaves | Free Download

Set against a blue background, this green screen trees collection includes clips of evergreen and deciduous trees, and falling leaves.

Free Green Screen Fire Effects | Free Download

These ten fire clips set on a green background include fire trails, gas fires, burning debris, ceiling fire, ground fire, flamethrowers, window fire, and body fire.

Free Green Screen Crowds and People | Free Download

Don’t have enough extras? We’ve got you covered! This green screen crowds and people collection features business extras, sports crowds, and concert crowds for a wide range of uses.

Free Green Screen Air Particles, Sparks, and Dust Particles | Free Download

Create the perfect atmospheric effects with these air particles, sparks, and dust particles set against a green screen.

Free Green Screen Debris and Impact Effects | Free Download

This collection of green screen debris and impact effects features dust waves, bullet hits, exploding debris, ground cracks, and falling dust.

Free Green Screen Electricity Effects | Free Download

These green screen electric arcs, lightning, and electrical sparks are perfect for sci-fi films, music videos, and technological demos.

Free Green Screen Smoke and Fog Effects | Free Download

These ten smoke and fog assets are perfect for creating a dynamic atmosphere in your fiery or atmospheric projects.

Free Green Screen Rain and Water Effects | Free Download

You don't need water to make it rain with this collection of green screen water effects featuring rain, raindrops on the ground, rain on glass, and water blasts.

Free Green Screen Weather Effects | Free Download

Creating a snowy or rainy scene but there’s no precipitation? This versatile collection of green screen rain, snow, and cloud effects is perfect for depicting weather conditions or atmospheric scenes.

Free Green Screen Glass and Lens Flare Effects | Free Download

Whether you’re looking for shattering glass to add to your action scene, or a lens flare for that final touch, this collection has you covered. This collection features breaking glass, glassware, anamorphic lens flares, fire lens flares, and police light lens flares.

Hint: Don’t Stop at Green Screen Effects!

If you’re new to VFX and feeling excited about what you can do with green screen effects, don’t stop there! The possibilities are endless with the right training and resources.

With high-quality VFX elements and some great software, you can learn VFX with some of the awesome resources available online! Here are some of our favorites.

Free Production-Quality VFX Assets

Green screen effects may be a good starting point, but you can also test out our library of free, pre-keyed, professional-quality assets!

Learn VFX From Home

There are lots of free resources out there to help you learn VFX.

Here are some of the resources we have at ActionVFX:

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning VFX from Home

In addition to our resources, we have a few favorites from other companies. 

VFX Practice Footage

Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll want a place to practice! That’s where the ActionVFX Practice Footage Library comes in.

We created this library to be a resource for VFX artists of all levels. It contains hundreds of practice footage clips shot with VFX compositing in mind. Whether you’re wanting to practice a new technique, or looking for a challenge with an imperfectly-shot background plate, the Practice Footage Library contains a wide range of practice footage for you to try.

Happy compositing!

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