Now Available: Introducing the ActionVFX Practice Footage Library

Now Available: Introducing the ActionVFX Practice Footage Library

October 10, 2023
David Lugo

The ActionVFX Practice Footage Library, containing over 500 free VFX practice clips, is now available!

The highly anticipated ActionVFX Practice Footage Library is finally live! The Practice Footage Library is a free library that contains production-quality VFX practice footage clips that visual effects artists can use to practice various VFX techniques, create demo reels, teach VFX, create tutorials, and more.

Why the Practice Footage Library?

For far too long, emerging VFX artists, educators, and professionals have faced a daunting challenge: the near-impossibility of finding high-quality footage to practice with. The issue wasn't merely a minor hiccup but a roadblock—especially for those hoping to craft an impressive portfolio to make a mark in the industry.

"Quality footage for practice and demo reels should be accessible. But for many, these doors of opportunity remain frustratingly closed due to the lack of available footage. We aim to change that.” - Rodolphe Pierre-Louis

What Makes the Practice Footage Library Stand Out?

Diverse Footage

With over 500 clips from various genres such as action, sci-fi, and fantasy, artists can immerse themselves in a vast VFX playground. Filmed with compositors in mind, the clips are perfect for a wide variety of use cases. Whether you are looking for a challenge, want to practice your latest VFX technique, or are looking for background plates for your showreel, look no further than the Practice Footage Library.

No Legal Hassles

We have secured all releases for talent found inside the Practice Footage Library clips, which means you have the freedom to publicly showcase your creations without any worries about permissions or copyrights.

Uncompromised Quality

Every clip in the library is filmed and processed by industry professionals to ensure that users get nothing short of industry-standard footage.

Absolutely Free

We wanted to provide as much value as possible with this launch. So, we are excited to announce that the entire library is free for VFX artists to use!

It’s Not “Perfect” 

Learning to problem-solve is what makes a great VFX artist. If you’re compositing for a real film, not every clip you work on will be “perfect.” So, neither are the clips in the Practice Footage Library. The library is intended to help you perfect your compositing and CG integration skills in a real-world setting.

Hearing it from the VFX Community

We are beyond excited to see the positive response from the VFX community already! Freddy Chávez Olmos, the Artificial Intelligence Creative Director at Boxel Studio, shares, "The challenge of finding top-tier practice footage for training our team has always been there. ActionVFX's new library is not just a solution—it's a boon for our studio's growth."

Similarly, Sean Amlaner, Head of Student Operations at CG Spectrum, believes that this initiative stands to redefine VFX education. "By integrating ActionVFX's elements, our students can merge imagination with reality, pushing the boundaries of traditional VFX learning. It's transformative."

A Quick Glimpse into ActionVFX

With a clientele that includes over 300,000 artists and features in major films, series, and video games (think Avengers: Endgame or Stranger Things), ActionVFX is the name synonymous with top-tier VFX stock footage. We have consistently equipped professionals with the tools they need to create outstanding content, and with the Practice Footage Library, we’ve just opened a whole new world for up-and-coming artists.

If you are interested in learning more about ActionVFX, consider exploring our extensive VFX stock footage library or joining AVFX+!

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