This year has seen some incredible advancements in the VFX industry. We’ve covered so many new VFX tools and plugins on our blog throughout the course of the year, so we’re here to help you keep track of the top six that we found most exciting.

Beyond the obvious Netflix, Hulu, and now Disney+, even platforms such as Youtube and Facebook have put serious dollars behind their own original series. With a boom in sci-fi and fantasy on these services especially, we’ve been treated to some of the best VFX ever seen outside of a movie theater in the last few years.

Hollywood has a long history of using tracking markers on set to help aid VFX artists with motion tracking and rotoscoping. With so many advances in tracking algorithms in software like Mocha Pro, should you even bother with tracking markers these days? The answer is: it depends.

Horror is flexible, situational, and perfect in bite-sized short film formats. Effects have always defined the genre, from prosthetics, to digital knives, to buckets of fake blood. In the digital age, there are more options than ever to take your horror short to the next level!

One of the easiest (and coolest) ways to enhance a shot is by performing a sky replacement. Maybe the weather wasn’t ideal when the footage was captured, or the shot needed a neutral density filter. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to show you how you can completely change the look of your scene with a simple sky replacement!

Nothing can immediately elicit a reaction from your audience like a jump scare! Of course, sound, lighting, and tension building are all key components to landing that perfect jump scare, but we’re going to take a look at some dead-simple VFX tricks you can pair with those to bring some fun and unexpected jolts to your audience!

Since the Star Wars pop culture explosion, no film franchise has made as big an impact on Hollywood and Visual Effects as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s someone for everyone to love in the MCU and frankly, we all wish we were a hero. So, in the spirit of October, let’s take a look at how YOU can go superhuman in three amazing tutorials.

It’s no secret that Unreal Engine 4 is an incredible tool for producing gorgeous environments for VFX. Whether you’re a UE4 novice or an expert, scene building can be a lot of work. Fortunately, there’s; a set of pre-built environment packs and tools that can make a huge improvement in your UE4 workflow, allowing you to rapidly build gorgeous custom environments with ease.