Just Released: Industrial Exploding Debris & Blizzard Snow

Just Released: Industrial Exploding Debris & Blizzard Snow

May 16, 2023
David Lugo

We present our 2 newest collections: Industrial Exploding Debris & Blizzard Snow.

We are excited to announce the launch of our two newest VFX collections: Industrial Exploding Debris and Blizzard Snow. With these collections, your ability to make captivating winter scenes and dramatic industrial destruction is about to get a lot better. 

And there's more - from May 16th through May 23rd, these collections will be available at a 20% discount using the code NEW20! Don't miss this opportunity to improve your visual effects game.

Industrial Exploding Debris | Download Now!

Industrial Exploding Debris Collection Specs:
  • The collection includes 30 CG exploding industrial debris elements.
  • Includes debris elements for scrap metal, barrels, wood, pipes and other industrial elements.
  • Includes lighting passes, normals, and position pass for ease of relighting.
  • Includes a UV pass for re-texturing.
  • Cryptomattes are included for matted debris on barrels and wood debris elements.
  • Depth and shadow passes included for easier compositing.
  • Delivered in 2K & 4K resolutions
  • Frame Rate: 24fps
  • Formats: 12-bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K) and OpenEXR (4K).
  • ProRes Color Space: sRGB (ACES Output - sRGB)
  • EXR Color Space: ACES scene_linear (ACEScg)

Dive into the heart of destruction with our latest VFX collection: Industrial Exploding Debris. Designed to bring a new depth to your scenes, this collection features many variations of debris types; from scrap metal to barrels. 

Unique features include lighting, normals, and position passes for relighting, UV pass for re-texturing, and Cryptomattes for matting debris, allowing for a higher degree of customization. Available in both 2K and 4K resolutions, in multiple formats, Industrial Exploding Debris is the ultimate addition to your VFX toolkit.

Blizzard Snow | Download Now!

Blizzard Snow Collection Specs:
  • Collection includes 20 CG clips with multiple variations of blizzard snow & mist perfect for your winter scene.
  • Snow & mist clips are separated to allow customization to your scene’s needs.
  • 5 different angles, including: Side, At Cam, Away from Cam, High Angle, & Top Down
  • Delivered in 2K & 4K resolutions
  • Frame Rate: 24fps
  • Formats: 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ(2K and 4K) and OpenEXR (4K).
  • ProRes Color Space: Rec.709 (ACES Output - Rec.709)
  • EXR Color Space: ACES scene_linear (ACEScg)

Discover the magic of winter with our newest addition to the collections: Blizzard Snow. This collection, designed with distinct angles and variations, allows artists to construct immersive winter scenes with ease. 

The snow & mist clips can be combined to whatever you need for your current shot. Delivered in both 2K and 4K resolutions, with multiple formats and color spaces, the Blizzard Snow collection gives you what you need to bring your winter wonderland to life.

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