Get Ready: Unveiling ActionVFX's New Website and Enhanced Subscription Plan

Get Ready: Unveiling ActionVFX's New Website and Enhanced Subscription Plan

July 7, 2023
David Lugo

New AVFX+ subscription and ActionVFX website rebuild launching July 24th!

The VFX industry is evolving, and so is ActionVFX! We are excited to announce two big changes that will be coming to ActionVFX on July 24th, including an enhanced subscription plan and brand new website!

AVFX+ Subscription

On July 24th, we will introduce our brand new AVFX+ subscription. This enhanced membership plan is designed to provide you with the best possible value, ensuring that you always have the best and latest assets at your fingertips. Watch the announcement video for more details.

Website Redesign

Our team has been diligently working to rebuild our website from scratch. This isn't just a cosmetic change - we've rebuilt our site from the ground up to improve your user experience and provide a faster, more intuitive platform.

Elevate Your Visuals with ActionVFX

These new changes will be launching on July 24th. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates, and follow us on social media!

By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you help us continue doing what we love - making content for you! We're quickly approaching 100k subscribers and your support would mean the world to us. So what are you waiting for? Show us some love and hit that subscribe button now!

ActionVFX provides a full library of content and over 1600 bonus assets to its subscribers. Learn more or subscribe today.

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