Why Boris FX's Suite Is Better Than Ever In 2021

Why Boris FX's Suite Is Better Than Ever In 2021

The Boris FX Suite has some of the best tools a VFX artist can wield, and it's all at a great price.

Boris FX has been busy over the last year, bringing several updates to the 2021 versions of their industry-leading software, and today we're looking at some of the most exciting changes to their products.

Best of all, Boris FX offers a subscription model to their entire suite that allows users to dive into some of the very best VFX tools in the industry at an affordable price.

First, here's an overview of the entire Boris FX 2021 suite in action!

Silhouette 2021 - Now Available as a Plugin!

Silhouette is a powerful compositing and rotoscoping tool that has only been available previously as a standalone app.

In addition to several other features (like great lens correction and better roto shape editing), the most stand-out news with this release is the availability of Silhouette as a plugin for other VFX software, like After Effects and Nuke.
This opens up a lot of possibilities for newcomers to experience Silhouette without having to learn a totally new workflow. And it also allows Silhouette users to have the convenience of keeping everything consolidated in a single unified Adobe project file. 

What’s more, Adobe projects can be shared that utilize the plugin for maximum compatibility across the entire VFX pipeline. Having the node-based, non-destructive painting and compositing features of Silhouette available as a plugin can essentially supercharge your favorite editing software. This is a major benefit for users everywhere.

Check out the full list of other exciting new features available in Silhouette 2021 here!

Mocha Pro 2021 - Power Mesh 

While we’ve covered the magic of Mocha Pro’s planar tracking in the past, the new Power Mesh feature is undoubtedly one of its most impressive features yet. Similar to the AE plugin Lockdown, Power Mesh brings complex distorted mesh warp tracking to Mocha Pro.
If you recall, we covered some de-aging techniques with Mocha a couple of years ago. When combining this process with the amazing capabilities of Power Mesh, though, de-aging can be taken to a whole new level.

Check out how you can use Power Mesh to de-age your talent with ease!
Beyond de-aging, you can also use Power Mesh to create very convincing VFX make-up adjustments and even apply ActionVFX blood or gore elements to any scene quickly and efficiently.

Boris FX + ActionVFX Live Tutorial Session

We had the opportunity to sit down with our friends at Boris FX for a live tutorial session and look at how you can use ActionVFX tools in conjunction with the latest Boris FX software to get the most out of your VFX work. Be sure to check out our session below!
These updates are all in addition to several other feature additions across Sapphire, Continuum, and more that have dropped over the last several months, and it will be exciting to see what the team at Boris FX comes up with next!

Boris FX tools are used across Hollywood to produce eye-popping VFX in some of the biggest releases, so it’s amazing to think that anyone can now pick up an affordable subscription and start producing projects in their home or studio.

What’s your favorite new feature in the Boris FX suite? We encourage you to head to the new ActionVFX Forum to discuss this article or other topics related to VFX and filmmaking!


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