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9 Sites Every VFX Artist Should Visit

9 Sites Every VFX Artist Should Visit

Staying on Top of Your Game

It’s no secret, the VFX industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. To be a VFX artist you have to stay at the top of your game and remain there. So if you are looking to stay current on all of the latest industry trends and news, these sites are a great place to look.  

1. VFX World Magazine

No VFX blog list would be complete without mentioning VFX World Magazine. With multiple news and industry related articles each day VFX World Magazine is one of the most active blogs in the world. If you’re into the ‘world’ of 3D animation you’ll also find their sister blog Animation World to be a fantastic resource for everything from modeling to rendering. 

Example Articles:

2. VFX City

If you’re an After Effects artist VFX City is a great place to learn the techniques you need to create awesome stuff. The site has a curated collection of tutorials with free project files. 

As if that wasn’t enough you’ll also find free tools and resources from around the industry located in the ‘resources’ section. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating something awesome in After Effects you can’t afford to skip VFX City. 

Example Articles:

3. Allan McKay

When it comes to VFX artists and supervisors it’s hard to think of anyone more famous than Allan McKay. From Blur to Pixar, Allan’s work reaches virtually every major studio in the world. 

Allan has made it his mission to train others on the exciting world of VFX and his site is a perfect place to learn something new. Allan specializes in Houdini and 3DS Max.  

Example Content:

4. Art of VFX

As the name implies the Art of VFX focuses mainly on the beauty found in high-end VFX work. Art of VFX features interviews with artists from around the biggest studios in the industry, you won’t find any small-time work here. 

Their site also features a great list of all the major players in the VFX world. If you’re a VFX lover and creator this is the site for you.  

Example Articles: 

5. Vimeo

Vimeo technically isn’t a blog, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better source of VFX inspiration in the world. With dozens of curated channels dedicated to VFX work you’ll never run out of incredible showreels to watch. 

After you find a few videos you like check the description. Many VFX artists happily share information about how they created their incredible work.

Example Channels:

6. Lester Banks

We’ve talked about Lester Banks on this site before, but when it comes to helpful, actionable content Lester Banks is the place to go. On his site you’ll find literally hundreds of tutorials for every VFX software from After Effects to Houdini. As a VFX artist it’s vital that you learn the latest tips and techniques and this is the perfect site to do it. 

Example Articles: 

7. VFX Blog

VFX Blog’s design doesn’t do it justice. With a new article posted almost daily VFX blog is a wonderful source of creative inspiration and industry news. Here you’ll find information about industry meet-ups and learn a few secrets from industry professionals. While the blog is the personal project of Ian Failes it’s content transcends any one artist.  

Example Articles: 

8. Video Copilot

To limit Video Copilot down to their ‘blog’ would be a gross simplification. From incredible After Effects tutorials to industry-changing products you will always be amazed at the work put out by Andrew Kramer and company. 

While a lot of the blogs on this list are worth visiting every week (if not every day) Video Copilot is the type of site you visit once a month. Just check-in to see if they have a new tutorial or product, you won’t regret it.  

Example Content:

9. ActionVFX

What VFX website list would be complete without at least mentioning the team here at ActionVFX? Here on the site our blog serves as a tool for artists to learn how to create amazing Hollywood-level VFX work from the comforts of their own home. 

From editing tips to compositing tutorials, you’ll find a consistent stream of valuable articles and tutorials. We also give away free stock elements to help you become the best VFX artist you can be.  

Example Articles:

First time here? ActionVFX creates action stock-footage products for VFX and filmmaking, centered on user feedback. (We also have some great free stuff!)

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