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5 Awesome Places to Learn VFX

5 Awesome Places to Learn VFX

The top resources to get the most out of your workflow

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The VFX industry is the most exciting artistic field in the world. From matte painting to compositing, VFX is an essential part of the modern film industry. However, if you’re new to the VFX world it can be intimidating to hop into the giant industry without a little guidance. To help with this I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorite places to learn VFX.

1. Lester Banks

Tutorial Price: Free

Lester Banks blog is one of my favorite go-to resources for watching the latest VFX and motion graphic tutorials. The site is awesome because he shares a huge assortment of tutorials that transcends VFX disciplines. From 3D modeling to Nuke compositing you’ll find tutorials of every kind on Lester’s website. 

Lester recently shared this great tutorial outlining new features found in Ae 2015.3.

2. VFX City

Tutorial Price: Free

If you’re an After Effects lover VFX City is an incredible resource for learning how to create awesome stuff. VFX City shows After Effects users how creativity trumps complexity. If you’re an After Effects lover VFX City is an indispensable resource. The team at VFX City also gives away free project files with every tutorial so you can easily follow along at home.

Here’s a cool VFX City tutorial about creating an Epic Earth Sunrise in After Effects.

3. ActionVFX

Tutorial Price: Free

We started our company because of our love for VFX, so naturally it was only a matter of time until we started creating awesome VFX tutorials. While we're currently working on growing our educational content, here is one of my favorite tutorials from the team.

You can download the free background plate on the blog post.

4. Lynda

Tutorial Price: $19.99 a Month Subscription

There is no tutorial site bigger than Lynda.com from VFX to Microsoft Excel there’s really no computer technique you can’t learn from Lynda. While their tutorials may not be the most captivating videos on the internet, if you’re looking to learn a software the right way there really isn’t a better resource than Lynda. They also offer a free trial to new Lynda users.

Here’s a helpful little tutorial about exporting After Effects compositions using Media Encoder.


Tutorial Price: $79.00

While the price is certainly steep if you’re new to VFX work, you won’t regret getting a subscription to FXPHD. On the site users can learn from real-world professionals from the VFX world. Notable courses include After Effects expressions basics and Animation with Cinema 4D.

If you are serious about taking your VFX skills to the next level FXPHD is one of the best places to look. Here’s a promo for their ‘Art & Science of Green Screen Keying’ course.

Any other solid beginner and intermediate resources we missed? The industry is smaller than we give it credit, so we should take advantage of the opportunity to share knowledge with each other! Be sure to tweet us or leave a comment below!

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