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In this article, we take a look at common types of codecs you will encounter and their common uses.

ActionVFX is known for having the most extensive VFX stock footage library in the world, and it's all produced up to the professional industry standard — but nothing gets better than our Fire Elements! Continue polishing your VFX fire creations with ActionVFX Instructor Sander De Regt's tutorial.

We wanted to show our Fusion (software) users a few tips and tricks to adding explosion stock footage in your scene. Our instructor lectures on best practices of making an asteroid smash into the ground and causing an explosion to occur.

Stock Footage 101 is going to be a video segment on our YouTube channel where we address some of the popular questions we're asked regularly by our users. In this first episode, I'll go over the best ways to remove a black, or white, background from stock footage.