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Tutorial: Join Us In The Upside Down | Fusion

Tutorial: Join Us In The Upside Down | Fusion

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? This is the ultimate tutorial for you!

In honor of Stranger Things Season 3, we're giving you a fresh tutorial on creating the Upside Down! Our instructor Sander de Regt will show you how to composite our Air Particle Elements, Smoke and Fog Elements, use color correction tools for the atmosphere of the scene, among other techniques!

Create your own Upside Down dimension, all inside of Fusion.

via Gfycat

This Fusion tutorial will cover:

  • Combining ActionVFX Air Particle Elements w/ noise
  • Using Color Grains, Color Corrector, Color Curve tools & more
  • Match motion of Particles to the motion of the footage
  • Using shapes to create an Upside Down monster
  • Blend ActionVFX Smoke & Fog Elements to the scene
We hope this tutorial inspires you to go create your very own Stranger Things world while you binge-watch the show! 

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