I was on-set filming as VFX Supervisor, and the first Assistant Director (1AD) had a simple question for me, "Do you want to film this shot with the smoke on, or add it in later? I know some VFX artists like to get the plates clean." Let me address a few thoughts before I continue with how I answered this question.

In the media-saturated age in which we live, the goal of every filmmaker should be getting the audience emotionally invested in their story. Don't you want your audience to walk away feeling something? Let’s practically discuss what harmonizing the visuals with sound in a meaningful way should mean to you.

In our last article, we discussed a few key questions we need to continually be asking ourselves in the midst of production, in order to aim for the highest production value possible in the arena of visual effects, especially on a low budget. We also discussed common pitfalls to watch out for in the video-saturated climate we now live in, where abundant special effects, affordable hardware, and accessible software are all at our fingertips. The strides we’ve made from previous generations of filmmaking are remarkable - and we would do well to learn as much as we can from the film industry’s innovative past in order to shape its exciting future.