4 Best Stock Video Subscription Services

4 Best Stock Video Subscription Services

April 13, 2023
David Lugo

Explore the top 4 stock video subscriptions in 2023 for your video projects.

Accessible technology, AI, and affordable new cameras can make anyone think that stock videos and visual effects are easy to make.

There are more and more platforms each day that sell effects, however, the quality and implementation are not great, which is why we have developed criteria to help you discover the best stock video platform for your ongoing and future projects.

Platforms featured in this article:
  • Offer a subscription service or bulk purchases
  • Feature high-quality videos; at least up to 4K
  • Feature media libraries
  • RAW footage is a plus

The following four platforms fit these criteria...

Best stock footage subscriptions

  • ActionVFX: Best overall for high-quality 4K+ and RAW footage
  • ProductionCrate: features a library of different visual effects, audio, graphics, and 3D & AR elements
  • FX Elements: Features effects from 4K ProRes Quicktime files to RAW footage
  • Shutterstock Elements: Alongside other photos and stock video materials, features transitions, lens flares, and video effects in 4K resolution

1. ActionVFX - Best Overall

ActionVFX is a subscription-based platform specializing in providing high-quality, high-resolution, action-packed stock footage elements that meet industry standards for professional and personal use.


  • Extensive effects library including Space, Fire, Crowds, Smoke, Textures, etc.
  • Effects are delivered in 2K, 4K, 6K, and RAW, and 10-12 Bit ProRes
  • Elements are shot from multiple angles
  • RAW footage files
  • One of the largest communities

Extensive Library

The library features over 20 categories, from Fog and Smoke effects, Fire, Water, and People & Crowd effects to Sounds and Textures, with different collections adding to more than 8,000 individual assets; with new product releases every month.

You can also find Variety Packs like the VFX Starter Pack with effects from over 20 ActionVFX collections used by artists and studios in the world's biggest blockbusters.

All visual effects are made with high-end gear (RED cameras) for maximum quality and in cooperation with pyrotechnic artists to achieve elevated realism in the footage.

Different resolution possibilities

ActionVFX effects are delivered in 2K, 4K, 6K, or RAW, and 10-12 Bit ProRes. They can be used in any compositing software and come with R3D camera data for easy integration in your shot.

All files include a pre-keyed Alpha channel.

You can incorporate them in any visual effects project, ranging from game development to filmmaking projects.

Effects work perfectly with all the major software:
  • The Foundry's Nuke
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • HitFilm and HitFilm: Express
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Cut Pro Motion
  • AVID Media Composer
  • Vegas Pro 15
  • Blackmagic Design: Fusion

Elements are shot from multiple angles

Depending on what you are looking for, multiple-angle shots ranging from Meteors, Explosions, and Muzzle Flashes, Trees, Crowds, and even Birds are recorded to fit the frame lines.

For example, some features of the Meteors collection that will help you make a good heart-racing doomsday scene include:
  • 36 CG burning meteors flying through the sky
  • Variations to camera angle, size, and amount of meteors
  • Delivery in 2K or 4K resolution at 24fps
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 and OpenEXR (4K only)
  • Render Passes: multiple lighting passes, fire, smoke, and volume light
  • Alpha channel included in all files

While building large crowds, multiple angles are key to getting a more realistic outcome, and our collection for Sports Crowds will give you just what you need.
  • Features 330 real crowd plates for sports audiences
  • The collection includes 11 unique actors shot from 15 different angles
  • Adjustable shirt color to match any team color
  • Multiple actions per clip such as cheering and booing
  • Delivered in 2K or 4K in 12-Bit ProRes 4444 at 29.97fps
  • All files include a pre-keyed Alpha Channel

RAW Footage Files

RED code RAW is the revolutionary wavelet-based compression codec that has a large image capture potential. This allows us to capture anything from 4K to 8K RAW with manageable file sizes and visually lossless image fidelity. The benefits of these files are:
  • The highest level of quality
  • Ability to correct the exposure to match your video easily
  • Easily adjust white balance
  • The largest amount of detail compared to other raster file types
  • Ability to do non-destructive editing

One of the largest communities

We care about what our community needs, this is why we have set up a User Request Feature. Here our users can vote or comment on upcoming products.

A bonus is an entire forum dedicated to all your ActionVFX-related questions and concerns!

Our YouTube channel brings additional educational materials to all our users that are willing to learn more about our elements, and the different ways they can be used.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a meteor impact in Fusion, using our Meteors Collection.

We also connect to our customers through our social accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

ActionVFX Pricing

AVFX+ gives you instant access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of assets from ActionVFX. The higher your subscription tier, the more free assets and the greater discount you get.

We feature three subscription tiers for freelancers and hobbyists. All subscription plans are billed annually and have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Plans for freelancers and hobbyists:
  • Silver: Access to $7,081 worth of assets + 20% sitewide discount at $24/month
  • Gold: Access to $13,562 worth of assets + 30% sitewide discount at $49/month
  • Elite: Access to $19,320 worth of assets + 40% sitewide discount at $79/month

Plans for Studios and Businesses (unlimited team members):
  • Silver: Access to $21,243 worth of assets + 20% sitewide discount at $249/month
  • Gold: Access to $40,686 worth of assets + 30% sitewide discount + priority support at $499/month
  • Elite: Access to $57,960 worth of assets + 40% sitewide discount + priority support + Dedicated Key Account Manager at $897/month

2. ProductionCrate - A variety of subscription stock footage, audio, and CG graphics

ProductionCrate is a production-ready assets platform. It features music, graphics, visual effects, and 3D & AR elements, with preorganized Creator Kits that can help you to navigate more easily and find the best assets for your needs.


  • HD VFX and motion graphics use lossless codecs
  • CG magic effects like energy balls, spells, beams, magic circles, and smoke
  • Photo-realistic 3D & AR elements

HD VFX and Motion Graphics

Their visual effects and graphics are pre-keyed and available to download in HD 4K resolution and different formats like PNG codec, ProRes, and PNG sequence. Some other important specifications are:
  • RGB+A
  • 30-60 fps
  • Variable length
  • Compatible with all major video editing software
  • Can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects

The assets are calibrated to integrate into the footage with photorealistic results, aiming to make compositing easier. A full range of tones enables you to adjust the exposure to daytime and nighttime brightness.

The best quality you can get for live footage is 4K, and there is no possibility to download RAW footage. The downloaded assets might require some additional cleaning up. 

CG Magic Effects

The Superhero Creator Kit has a solid selection of Shock Waves, Energy Balls, Magic Circles, Fireballs, and more. It can be used for fan films or other fantasy videos as well as game design.

You can find different angles, duration, and looping videos.

They combine well with their stock audio options which are fully-mastered HD audio components that can be downloaded as full WAV files or as MP3.

3D & AR Elements

The Graphics and Objects archives host render assets up to HD 11K, and photorealistic 3D models that can complement different scenes and purposes.
  • A range of models from Food, Sports, and Atmosphere to Weapons, Vehicles, and Characters.
  • Different materials such as Rock, Metal, Fabric, Sand, and Environments like Sky, Landscape, and Space.

ProductionCrate Pricing:

  • Sample: Limited access to assets, files from the basic libraries are limited to standard resolution 20 downloads per day - $15/mo
  • Pro: Full access to all the assets, available in the highest resolution offered, 50 items per day - $39/mo
  • Enterprise: Full access to all the assets, available in the highest resolution offered, 100 items per day, up to five team members, server storage permissions, and extended license - $79/mo
  • They offer Custom plans for more demanding projects.

3. FX Elements - Subscription-based platform with royalty-free footage elements

FX elements categorize their royalty-free stock visual footage elements into FX Packs and FX Clips. They offer a library of free VFX elements, clips, and video footage that caters to all generic VFX element needs. 


  • High-quality files: RAW, EXR, and ProRes
  • 18 different categories of VFX elements
  • Curated selection packs

High-quality files

Similar to ActionVFX, they offer a higher resolution and quality download options, but their library is smaller, and the footage doesn't offer different angles.

The footage is available in 4K Quicktime ProRes files as well as 4K OpenEXR file sequences. And most of it is also available in RAW format, usually RED R3D files. The RAW camera files range in resolution from 2K to 8K RAW.
  • All clips include an Alpha channel
  • All clips are pre-keyed
  • 4K ProRes 4444 Quicktime files
  • 4K OpenEXR option
  • 4K RAW R3D option
  • Shot on RED with Zeiss lenses

18 different categories of VFX elements

Their categories range from Action: featuring packs such as Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Water, Blood, and Dust, with over 500+ 4K clips, and Sci-Fi: with packs like Atmosphere, Slime, Deep Space Nebulas, Space Explosions, Steam, and Supernatural Cloud to Nature: that offers Tree Pollen and Flying Insects Packs.

Al the footage is offered in previously mentioned resolutions and formats.

Curate selection packs

Even though their library might not be as extensive, they give great attention to curating their Packs and try to best target the specific needs of their customers.

Keep in mind that you still need to download all the assets from a Pack as individual files. 

FX Elements Pricing

Pricing is based on two elements: the type of files you are going to download, and the license you are going to need.

  • ProRes: 4K resolution, ProRes Quicktime files, up to 50 downloads per day, access to the entire library - $99/mo
  • EXR: 4K resolution, ProRes high-quality files, Pro Grade EXR sequences, up to 50 downloads per day - $149/mo
  • RAW: 4K resolution, ProRes high-quality files, Pro Grade EXR sequences, camera original RAW files up to 8K up to 50 downloads per day - $199/mo

FX Elements License Pricing

Licenses are graded depending on your personal income or company income
  • Personal: For freelancers or companies with less than $125k in annual revenue or funding. Personal license, royalty-free, 10 downloads per day - $99/mo
  • Studio: For companies with less than $2m in annual revenue or funding. Unlimited users within the company, royalty-free, 25 downloads per day - $499/mo
  • Studio Plus: For companies with less than $20m in annual revenue or funding. Unlimited users within the company, royalty-free, 60 downloads per day - $1599/mo

4. Shutterstock Elements - Recent addition to the Shutterstock platform

Shutterstock is a leading platform for stock photos and stock video materials.

Their Elements library features Video Kits, Transitions, Lens Flares, HUD & UI, and Video Effects. With over 3,000 special video effects.

Shutterstock does not offer a subscription plan for the Elements library, but you can buy assets individually. To use these assets without limitations on audience sizes, you will need an Enhanced Video license.


  • Futuristic HUD and UI Packs
  • Visual FX for Video Projects
  • Easy-to-use Lens Flares and Light Leaks
Futuristic HUD and UI Packs
  • Designed for creating Sci-Fi POV shots and high-tech computer interactions
  • They offer Pilot, Interface, And Radar packs ranging from 200-400+ HUD and UI VFX
  • The assets are in 4K resolution, delivered in MOV format with 29.97 fps

Visual FX for Video Projects

One of the categories that feature different libraries of Explosions, Rain, dust, Frost, Fire, Blood, Debris, and more. The libraries vary from 60 to 500+ individual assets some of them are organically captured or shot on set. They are all delivered in 4K MP4 formats with 23.97 fps.

Lens Flares and Light Leaks

Shutterstock Lens Flares and Light Leaks can add cinematic depth to a scene. These 4K anamorphic lens flares are captured with Cooke SF primes and are compatible with all major NLEs.

Shutterstock Elements Pricing

Even though Shutterstock is a subscription-based platform, the Elements library assets are not included in their subscription plans; assets can only be bought and downloaded as individual packs. You can't add multiple elements to a shopping cart or add them to other video purchases.

Pack prices range from $79-$199, depending on the production complexity of the effects within the pack. 

How to choose the best stock video subscription for you

Depending on the scale of your projects and your team, and considering the variety and quality of the stock VFX footage you might need, here are some things to consider when deciding on the best subscription (independent review done in 2022):

Getting started with ActionVFX

No matter the size of your projects, getting quality assets and saving time are key to making your post-production, a compositing fast and easy. The ActionVFX subscription is the most affordable way to get high-quality VFX footage.

Are you a VFX artist searching for top-of-the-line assets? Then ActionVFX is the place to be! Our vast library is filled with production-quality assets, and when you join AVFX+, you unlock instant access to thousands of dollars worth of VFX assets. So, swing by our library, check out our collections, and subscribe to AVFX+ to make your VFX workflow easier!

Here at ActionVFX, we're confident in the quality of our assets, and we'd love for you to experience it firsthand. That's why we provide a great selection of free VFX elements for you to use! Keep an eye on our release schedule for the newest additions to our VFX library, and don't forget to follow us on social media to stay in the loop on news, giveaways, and all the latest announcements.

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