10 Best Stock Video Sites

10 Best Stock Video Sites

March 23, 2023
David Lugo

Discover where to find the best stock video in 2023 with our top 10 picks.

The number of stock video sites is rising by the day, but some focus on quantity rather than quality.

If you require 4K, and 6K, or RAW footage and Log files that allow you to color grade, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the best sites for stock footage to help you decide on the most suitable one for your next project.

Best Stock Footage Sites:

ActionVFX - Best Site for Stock Visual Effects

ActionVFX specializes in providing professional-grade, high-resolution, action-packed stock footage elements that meet professional industry standards. These VFX assets are made for artists looking for quality and variety. The ActionVFX library is consistently updated to bring the best possible VFX elements.


  • Specially curated library with more than 7,500 assets 
  • Effects are delivered in 2K, 4K, 6K, and 10-12 bit ProRes
  • Elements are shot from multiple angles 
  • 650 free VFX assets, and an extensive Free with AVFX+ library
  • Royalty-free worldwide lifetime license 

Curated Library

The library features over 20 categories, from Weather, Fire, Explosions, People & Crowds, Gun FX, and more.
These effects are shot and developed by a team of in-house professionals, making the Collections a perfect blend of all you need to make your project look professional.

There are also Variety Packs available like Building Fire Essentials containing the fifty best structure fire elements. Designed to fit perfectly around the shape of your windows, walls, poles, or ceilings to help you get the most realistic results fast. These Variety Packs contain some of our most popular assets used by VFX artist's in some of the world's biggest blockbusters.

Different resolution possibilities
ActionVFX effects are delivered in 2K, 4K, 6K, and 10-12 bit ProRes. They can be used in any compositing software and come with R3D files for easy integration in your shot.

Most assets include a pre-keyed Alpha Channel.

Effects work perfectly with all the major software.
  • The Foundry's Nuke
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • HitFilm and HitFilm: Express
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro Motion
  • AVID Media Composer
  • Vegas Pro 15
  • Blackmagic Design: Fusion

Elements are shot from multiple angles

Almost all ActionVFX elements are shot to fit the frame lines, making them simple to incorporate. Being able to choose the angle you need for your shot is a huge advantage; this way you can make any scene feel life-like.

To make a great shootout scene, for example, you need Muzzle Flashes, and they need to have multiple angles. These flashes are shot from actual guns that range from pistols, semi-automatic, automatic weapons, and even shotguns!

  • 116 real muzzle flash elements in total
  • 88 Video Clips + 28 Still Images
  • 12 different guns across 5 weapon classifications
  • Includes 4 different angles to fit any scene
  • Delivered in 2K or 4K in 12-Bit ProRes 4444 at 23.98fps
  • All files include a pre-keyed Alpha Channel
  • Camera: RED GEMINI 5K

Free Assets

ActionVFX offers 650 VFX elements that are free for everyone. If you choose to subscribe to AVFX+, you get access to our Free with AVFX+ library. In addition to unlimited downloads and discounted purchases, the library is updated nearly every month with new assets.

ActionVFX Pricing

There is an option to purchase assets in bulk, for which you don't need to be a subscriber, you just need to create an account.

Select the collection you want to purchase, and set the quality and the associated license.

Choosing to subscribe will allow you to save, so if you continuously need new assets, it’s better to subscribe to AVFX+.

All AVFX+ plans include a Royalty-Free Perpetual License and 30-day money back guarantee. AVFX+ features two pricing modules:

Freelancers and Hobbists
  • Silver: Instant access to more than $7,000 worth of assets + 20% off the entire library for $24/month
  • Gold: Instant access to more than $13,000 worth of assets + 30% off the entire library for $49/month
  • Elite: Instant access to more than $19,000 worth of assets + 40% off the entire library for $79/month

Studios and Teams
  • Silver: Instant access to more than $21,000 worth of assets + 20% off the entire library for $249/month 
  • Gold: Instant access to more than $40,000 worth of assets + 30% off the entire library for $499/month
  • Elite: Instant access to more than $57,000 worth of assets + 40% off the entire library for $897/month

Artgrid - Best for YouTube Monetization and single Creatives

Artgrid was launched by Artlist, one of the world’s top stock music sites. Artgrid is better for creative video editors who need high-quality stock footage. You can even get 8K, RAW/LOH, ProRes, and H.264 clips.

Artgrid Features

  • Unlimited downloads
  • A license that covers use on any platform worldwide
  • Up to 8K footage quality
  • RAW/LOG clips, ProRes/DNxHR, graded footage
  • Verified for YouTube monetization

Artgrid Pricing

All plans allow YouTube monetization and cover all platforms, it’s great for streamers and YouTubers.

Artgrid has 3 different plans:
  • Junior offers unlimited downloads of HD clips in H.264 format and Graded footage - $19.99/ month
  • Creator offers unlimited downloads of 4K-8K clips in ProRes / DNxHR and Graded footage - $29.99/ month
  • Pro offers unlimited downloads of RAW / LOG clips 4K-8K clips in ProRes / DNxHR and Graded footage - $49.92/ month

RawFilm - Best for Cinematic 8K RAW Footage

RawFilm is a subscription-based stock footage platform with cinematic 8K content. 
They offer only self-produced content shot on RED cameras in REDCODE RAW exclusively. Their content is organized in collections, and the footage is shot from different angles.

RawFilm Features

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Video clips shot on high-end cameras
  • All clips are available in 4K & 8K (RAW + ProRes)
  • Themed footage collections
  • Different angles available
  • Worldwide use licensing

RawFilm Pricing

RawFilm offers individual clips and a monthly and yearly subscription.

  • Single Clip offers one license for any use like YouTube, TV, Film & OTP, and Netflix.  With the quality range of HD, 4K - 8K, CINEMA DNG, and  RED R3D - $49/ Clip
  • Monthly subscription will give you 50 clips per month and one license for any use, YouTube, TV, Film & OTP, and Netflix. With the same quality range - $67.15/ month
  • Yearly subscription offers 1000 clips per year, one license for any use, and the previous quality range - $58.65/ month ($703.80 paid annually)

Single clip means that you have one license that can be used for one clip in one project. Unused credits for clips from one month will roll over to the next month. 

Pond5 - Best for Variety

Pond5 offers a large selection of stock videos and photos. In addition, you can get music, sound effects, After Effects templates, and 3D models. They feature extended licenses which makes them accessible to businesses. New videos are uploaded daily, and the pricing is simple and clear. Pond5 is good for professionals and teams with large budgets.

Pond5 Features

  • Over 31 million stock videos 
  • 16+ million 4K videos
  • Addon for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Royalty-free license 

Pond5 Pricing

Pond5 has three Plans depending on the content you are looking for. Each Plan is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, and they all offer 10 downloads per month.
  • Music offers 1.5 million music tracks to choose from - $25/ month or $150/ year
  • Music & SFX offers 1.5 million music tracks and 1.7 million sound effects - $30/ month or $180/ year
  • Footage Plus offers 4.2 million HD & 4K videos, 1.5 million music tracks, 1.7 million sound effects, 12 million images, 3D models, and AE templates - $199/ month or $999/ year 

There is also an option to buy credit packs. By using credits, you can get bonuses of up to 25% discount. Credits can be spent by downloading anything on Pond5.

There are four Credit Pack sizes and an option to get a custom pack.

  • With $250 you will get $275 in credit and a $25 bonus
  • With $500 you will get $565 in credit and a $65 bonus
  • With $1.000 you will get $1.160 in credit and a $160 bonus
  • With $2.500 you will get $3.000 in credit and a $500 bonus

Keep in mind that the remaining credits cannot be refunded.
You can also choose to buy items individually.

Storyblocks - Best for a smaller Budget

Storyblocks is better for video editors with a smaller budget and those who do not need top-quality videos. Storyblocks has a video editor called Maker, which helps you save even more because you don’t have to buy another standalone app.

Stock videos are generally sold file-by-file or based on a certain amount of downloads. However, Storyblocks is interesting as it sells clips based on an unlimited download subscription model.

In addition to this, Storyblocks also offers another stock footage library called the Marketplace. This is where customers can purchase video clips directly from contributors.

Storyblocks Features

  • Unlimited downloads
  • A large collection with more than 1 million videos 
  • Stock footage and audio 
  • Royalty-free license for all content
  • HD and 4K Footage
  • After Effects templates

Storyblocks Pricing

You can choose between Starter, Unlimited All Access, and Pro.

  • Starter Plan offers 5 monthly downloads, including HD footage, music, photos, vectors, and illustrations. - $15/ month billed annually
  • Unlimited All Access Plan includes unlimited downloads of HD & 4K footage,  music, photos, vectors, illustrations, and After Effects Templates  - $30/ month billed annually
  • Pro Plan covers all the previous features and adds a Premier Pro plugin - $35/ month billed annually
  • All plans include an individual license

Shutterstock - Best for Flexible Pricing

Shutterstock offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free video clips in varied themes and styles that can be bought on demand, by a clip, or with discount video packs. The stock video clips are available in Web, SD, HD, and 4K resolution. Each resolution has a different price point. Some contributors make their clips available in more than one format. All videos downloaded with a subscription come with a Standard license that grants worldwide perpetual use of the materials. It is intended for smaller personal projects, with a budget under $10K. 

Shutterstock Features

  • A library of Over 18 million stock video clips
  • Stock footage available in Web, SD, HD, and 4K and NTSC/ATSC or PAL/576i formats
  • Royalty-free licensing Individual, Standard, and Enhanced
  • Priced according to video resolution
  • Video packs on demand 
  • All purchased clips are available to re-download for up to one year after the pack expired

Shutterstock Pricing

They offer single downloads and Video Packs that can include Standard or Extended video licenses. Monthly and Yearly Plans are priced depending on the number of downloads and the quality of the footage.

There are three different models, depending on the number of credits. Each of them has three payment options: month-to-month, annual with monthly billing, and annual with upfront payment. You can use the credit for images, videos, music, and design tools. The default license applies to a Single User.

  • 10 credits per month
    • Monthly: $49/month
    • Annual billed monthly: $29/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $299/ year

  • 25 credits per month
    • Monthly: $89/ month
    • Annual billed monthly: $59/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $599/ year

  • 50 credits per month
    • Monthly: $125/ month
    • Annual billed monthly: $99/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $989/ year

  • 150 credits per month
    • Monthly: $189/ month
    • Annual billed monthly: $149/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $1.499/ year

  • 350 credits per month
    • Monthly: $199/ month
    • Annual billed monthly: $169/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $1.649/ year

  • 750 credits per month
    • Monthly: $249/ month
    • Annual billed monthly: $199/ month
    • Annual billed upfront: $1.999/ year

Adobe Stock - Best for video Editors and Graphic Designers

Adobe Stock offers stock footage along with stock photography. This service is part of the design software company Adobe, owners of some of the most popular video editing tools like Premier Pro and After Effects, and of the cloud design platform Creative Cloud which includes all their software tools.

Adobe Stock Features

  • Offers over 200 million stock assets like photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, audio tracks, 3D models, and templates
  • Integrated into most Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.
  • Content is divided into standard and premium
  • Features over 24 million videos
  • And 1+ million free images
  • Offers a 30-day free trial

Adobe Stock Pricing

Adobe Stock offers Monthly and Yearly Plans, as well as Credit Packs. The Plans are divided into two groups: Single Users and Teams.

Monthly Subscription for Single Users bases the pricing on the number of assets you are downloading.
  • 10 standard assets or 1 HD video a month - $49.99/ month
  • 25 standard assets or 3 HD videos a month - $69.99/ month
  • 750 standard assets or 25 HD videos a month - $249.99/ month

Yearly Subscriptions are better if you need images or Videos for at least 8 months.
Team Subscriptions only offer yearly Plans.
Adobe Stock offers an Enterprise Subscription model. The information about the pricing for this Plan is given on demand.

Videvo - Best For Free Stock Footage

Videvo provides a variety of free and affordable premium stock videos, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects.
They offer simple and affordable licensing with different subscription options. Their most prominent feature is the 18 thousand free video clips, which only require you to attribute the author.

Videvo Features

  • 500 thousand stock videos, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects
  • 18 thousand free videos, with attribution
  • Video quality, ranging from 720p, 1080p, to 4K video clips
  • Free stock footage and premium videos are available in 4K resolution, but high-quality 4K is hard to find
  • Premium videos are royalty-free 
  • 11 thousand motion graphics

Videvo Pricing

Videvo sells premium video clips in addition to offering free stock footage. They are suitable for commercial projects and YouTube videos.

They feature three Premium plans:
  • Lite Premium offers premium video downloads 5 per month - $7.99/ month
  • Plus Premium offers videos & templates, 25 downloads per month - $14.99/ month or $144/ year
  • Pro Premium offers videos, templates, music & SFX, and 50 downloads per month - $24.99/ month or $240/ year 

By signing up for an annual subscription, you receive unlimited downloads.

Videezy - Best for Aerial footage and Footage featuring Nature

Videezy has a large collection of video clips that are royalty-free for personal and commercial use, in both HD and 4K, and MP4 format. Make sure to check each clip’s specific licensing info. Most require that you credit Videezy when using their footage. They also upload free animations and After Effects templates. 

Videezy’s stock video site contains both free and paid options. 

If you want to use Videezy Standard without attribution, you can purchase a Pro License with credits.

You can also opt for Videezy Pro content that is reserved for paid users with 4K/1080P stock footage that can be purchased with credits. 

Videezy Features

  • Offers different video resolutions including SD, HD-720, HD-1080, Ultra HD, and 4K
  • Features 12 Categories like Art, Nature, Travel, Background, etc., further divided into subcategories 
  • Simple License and Attribution
  • Variety of filter options,  results can be filtered by File type, License type, Format, and Resolution

Videezy Pricing

Videezy doesn't offer a Subscription but offers different libraries for free and paid content.
The Videezy Standard library offers free videos which you can use with attribution.
And the Videezy Pro library is for paying members only. Here you can find more exclusive content that is Royalty-free.

The way to purchase their footage is to buy credits which can later be used on their assets or buy a Pro License. This license applies to a Single User only. If you would like a plan for Team users, you would need to contact their support.

Credit prices:
  • 1 credit - $19 - $19.00 per file
  • 5 credits - $39 - $7.80 per file
  • 10 credits - $49 - $4.90 per file

10. iStock - Best for Exclusive Signature Footage 

iStock was originally known as iStockPhoto, but then changed to account for the range of content on the site. They now offer premium images and a combination of image and video downloads. You can download videos only with the Premium + Video subscriptions or Credit packs. 

iStock Features

  • Offers 148 million stock photos, 124.4 million Essential images, and 23.2 million Signature images 
  • 12 million stock videos, 9.2 million Essential videos, and 3.7 million Signature videos
  • Essentials collection of low-price shots
  • Signature collection of higher quality, with exclusive videos
  • Variety in image resolution, HD clips include 4K, and SD videos are also available
  • Royalty-Free license granting 

iStock Pricing

iStock sells stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos with two types of Subscription Plans and with Credits on-demand. Their pricing points are determined by collection, not by footage quality. iStock sells licenses to their footage a la carte only. 

You can pay for the license and footage using company credits. Depending on the collections, the licenses will cost you 6 credits for Essentials and 18 for Signature. After selecting the license, you can proceed to pay for the videos you want to download, also in credits. Individual credit prices start at $12, and they offer different Credit Packs.

If you don’t need to download regularly, it’s better to choose credits since they don’t expire and can be used anytime.

Subscriptions are divided into Basic for Essential images, Premium for Essential & Signature images, and Premium+Video for all images, videos, and music.

  • Basic subscriptions offer 10, 25, 50, or 750 downloads monthly with these subscriptions. You can download Essential images only - $35–$169/ month
  • Premium subscriptions offer 10, 25, 50, or 750 monthly downloads you can download Essential and Signature images - $85–$339/ month
  • Premium + Video offers 10, 25, and 50 monthly downloads, you can download all images, Essentials & Signatures, videos, and music - $128–$296/ month

How to Choose the Best Stock Video Site

Your needs will dictate the best choice for you depending on your budget, project size, team members, and the licenses you might require.

If you are looking to take your visual effects game to the next level ActionVFX has got you covered. The extensive library of visual effects and affordable pricing plans will accommodate any kind of project, from personal to large-scale. ActionVFX gives you a lifetime license, which can be Individual, Startup, or Studio, depending on your annual revenue.

For stock videos of high-quality or RAW footage, RawFilm, and Artgrid can both offer what you need. Although RawFilm is more expensive, they have a curated selection of Cinematic footage that has options for multiple angles. Both stock video sites support worldwide licensing, and Artgrid has an easy YouTube monetization option.

For projects on a tight budget, Storyblocks and Videvo can be good options. Storyblocks doesn't offer free content, but the pricing plans are affordable and their video editor, called Maker, is free to use. Their license is worldwide and perpetual.
Videvo offers free content with a somewhat smaller library. The free videos will have to be attributed, or you can buy a license with credits.

For variety and flexible pricing, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pond5 are all good options.
Pond5 is more expensive if you are looking for stock video subscriptions, but Pond5, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock all offer Credit Packs and individual downloads.
All of these stock video sites feature massive libraries of stock footage, photos, music, 3D models, and templates. Royalty-free licensing is available on all assets, and the Single User license can be upgraded.

If you're a VFX artist on the hunt for premium-quality assets, look no further than ActionVFX. Our library boasts an extensive range of professional-grade assets, and with an AVFX+ subscription, you'll have instant access to tens of thousands of production-quality VFX assets that you can keep for life. Head to our library today to explore our offerings and subscribe to take your work to the next level.

At ActionVFX, we're proud of the quality of our assets, and we want you to see it for yourself. That's why we offer a great selection of free VFX elements for you to try out! Stay up-to-date on new releases by checking our release schedule, and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news, giveaways, and announcements.


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