Before the digital revolution, matte paintings were typically photorealistic images painted on glass that were layered together in-camera with actors on set. Today, there are a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to learning the craft of matte painting, and we're going to look at five great tutorials to get you started!

Last minute travel, cramped flights, Uber rides stuck in traffic — you name it. In the professional world, this is just a small nuisance for some. You can still check your email, undergo simple tasks, and generally keep connected to most fields of work. For VFX artists, however, whose lifeblood is the system on which they work, travel can be a hard roadblock for progress.

While it’s great to have a nice budget for VFX work, sometimes you may be severely limited on resources. Today’s article is going to show you five simple visual effects you can use without the need for purchasing additional plug-ins or specialized software.

One of the greatest gifts of Star Wars is its sheer variety. At the technical level, the subject matter covers the full spectrum of visual effects complexity: from entry-level all the way to the cutting edge. In your next short film based in a galaxy far, far away, try to grab a mixed bag—here’s a few killer tutorials to get you started.

In order to have the most effective HDRI lighting simulations possible in your 3D comp, practical lighting references can be extremely helpful. If you want to take it a step further, we’re going to look at a method that will allow you to use those same practical lighting references to build accurate CG representations for your VFX shot with Cinema 4D and RedShift.

Today we’re going to explore a great tool for achieving realistic muscular physics for CG characters in Maya — Ziva VFX by Ziva Dynamics. Not only can Ziva VFX give you incredibly convincing character animations, but its true magic lies in the significant time savings it can yield for each shot.

If you don’t want to spend time or money on dealing with specialized lenses or filters (and have even more control over your shot), here are a few great alternatives that can yield some fantastic lens flare results for your scene.

While a library like Megascans will oftentimes be the fastest option for you, occasionally you might find yourself in need of a custom texture. Today we’re going to look at three options you have for creating custom CG textures on your own!

Not only does gaming have strong crossovers with VFX from an industry and work perspective, but its themes, inspirations, and art direction itself are shared back and forth with the worlds of film, television, and online narratives. The result? Movies based on games and games based on movies!