What's New In Mocha Pro 2022? Everything You Need To Know

What's New In Mocha Pro 2022? Everything You Need To Know

Boris FX has just released Mocha Pro 2022, the latest version for one of the best tools for tracking, rotoscoping, and more.

Mocha Pro is go-to software for planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, mesh tracking, and stabilization. And Boris FX has just released its new version: Mocha Pro 2022. We're going to cover what's new and how its updates will give you a more productive workflow.

What's New In Mocha Pro 2022

There are tons of new updates ranging from speed and performance to improved features like PowerMesh and tracking workflows. The video below covers them all in detail!

Speed and Performance Changes

If you're a Mac user, you'll be happy! There is now support for Apple M1 computers, as well as support for After Effects multi-frame rendering! Two time saving necessities for anyone on Mac or exporting in After Effects.

There is also improved workflows for warped surface compositing with the Insert Module with PowerMesh, new features for planar tracking to provide even better results, and new exports for Nuke, Silhouette, Alembic, and Mistika.

Insert Module with PowerMesh Improvement

There's nothing more satisfying than watching PowerMesh help blend and warp your composites! Now, Insert Module is driven by PowerMesh for a more productive workflow. In the video below, Mary Poplin will show you the crisp workflow in a quick in-software look.
You can also render mesh tracking with motion blur now! All-new workflow features allow you to bring tracked insert compositing to the editing software Premiere, VEGAS, and Media Composer.

New Features & Improvements In Tracking

There are several new features, as well as improvements to older ones. Mocha Pro is the go-to for VFX artists when in need of reliable tracking, and something the ActionVFX team utilizes often.

There are new RGB channel tracking and view controls, as well as multi-link layers and link mesh tracking to planar track layers. Quick Stabilize is in the viewer by layer for better rotoscoping workflow, and a dopesheet for keyframe editing are among the improvements!

The exporting received some tweaks as well, improving the roto exports for Nuke and Silhouette with split track and spline keyframes. You'll also be able to export PowerMesh to Nuke Tracker and Alembic transforms.

These are just a few of the reasons why Mocha Pro is a standard in the VFX industry for tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, and more.

To learn more about the Mocha Pro 2022 release, head to the Boris FX website!

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