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Water FX: Water Blasts, Water Splashes, and Small Water Hits Now Available

Water FX: Water Blasts, Water Splashes, and Small Water Hits Now Available

During the Summer of 2017, our team spent five intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new stock footage Collections, which almost DOUBLES the current Collections on our website! These new Collections include Explosions Vol. 2, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, Snow, Fire, and more.

We are very excited to announce our newest addition to the ActionVFX.com library, The Water FX Series!

This opens a completely new category on our products page, featuring four new Collections that will be extremely useful to the industry: Water Blasts, Water Splashes, Small Water Hits Vol. 1, and Small Water Hits Vol. 2, totaling 155 individual clips.

Large-scale Water stock footage can be hard to come by. So we decided to create multiple collections of real Water elements to take your Visual Effects shots to the next level. 

Since these types of elements are heavily needed in the VFX industry, and aren’t readily available without having to create time consuming CG simulations, our goal was to make sure they were 100% REAL effects that stood above simulated versions. 

Let's take an in-depth look at each Collection and what they can offer compositors.

Water Blasts

Water Blasts Collection contains 50 clips of real water blasts and explosions. It was very important to us that these have scale, so we used black powder and other methods to blow the water sky high to meet any potential VFX need. There are endless possibilities for what you can create with this Collection. 

All the Water Blasts in this Collection are large, but the 10 Large Water Blasts out-do themselves. Reaching as high as 25ft in the air, these look great in scenes like bombs dropping on a beachfront battlefield.

The remaining 40 clips are smaller Water Blasts. They still go pretty high, but with more subtle of a blast. These are perfect for smaller explosions, or for large caliber bullets hitting the water.

Water Splashes

Water Splashes Collection contains 40 clips of real water splashes. To create these elements we built a gigantic pool, then went to work creating all sorts of large splashes. 

These effects were made with shot ideas in mind like a person/object falling in water, emerging from water, or for general frantic movements within water. 

These Water Splash clips vary in size - some are high-reaching and explosive, while others are slightly more contained. The direction, force, and shape of the splashes also vary, giving you plenty of splash style options for any shot you create.

Small Water Hits Vol. 1 & 2

These volumes feature 65 individual Small Water Hit elements, 50 in Vol. 1, and 15 in Vol. 2. These elements can be used in scenes such as gun fights or over-head airplane attacks.

Small Water Hits Vol. 1

Small Water Hits Vol. 2
Because all of these new products were produced in actual water, you’re guaranteed very realistic results when merged with your scene. Whichever Collection(s) you choose, rest assured that you are getting quality elements that you can’t get anywhere else but ActionVFX.com! Head over to our products page now to preview these effects for yourself!

We had a 'blast' making these products, and we’re confident you’ll have just as much fun using them! As always, if you have any questions about any of our effects, we’ll be here to help. You can also check out our tutorials to learn how to get the most out of our elements!

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