How to Remove Black (and White) Backgrounds from Stock Footage

Stock Footage 101 is going to be a video segment on our YouTube channel where we address some of the popular questions we're asked regularly by our users. In this first episode, I'll go over the best ways to remove a black, or white, background from stock footage.

Guest Tutorial: How to Create a Portal Using ActionVFX Elements

In this guest tutorial, Daniel Novarro creates a portal effect using our elements in After Effects. He covers various steps in the video, such as tracking the plate, inserting and creating the portal, rotoscoping, inserting some particles, and compositing them all together.

Tutorial: How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog

There are a million different techniques to use in the compositing world, all of which result in reaching the same end goal. Lendon hones in and keeps his eyes on the end goal, thus creating this awesome tutorial on how to best composite our Atmospheric Smoke & Fog in After Effects.

Tutorial: How to Composite Bullet Hits

Motion tracking, 3D plains, fractal noise, camera shake! These are just some of things Lendon covers in our newest Bullet Hits Tutorial in After Effects. He provides so much knowledge and depth on how to properly handle compositing bullet hits into any scene.

Tutorial: How to Composite Muzzle Flashes

Compositing footage into a scene is a true art, and the art of compositing muzzle flashes to look believable in a scene can be quite complex. Lendon does an thorough job in this tutorial to make compositing fun and easy to accomplish.