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HitFilm and ActionVFX: The Perfect Combo for Effects on a Budget

Making awesome Visual Effects is no small task and often requires many hours of preparation and long nights. Not only that, but for the independent artist, it can be expensive. That is why I get so excited talking about HitFilm Express and ActionVFX’s stock footage.

Guest Tutorial: How to Composite our GunFX in After Effects

Our ActionVFX team is always hard at work creating new elements to utilize in your projects. Tutorials are the best way for you to learn how to create awesome effects in any of your scenes. In this guest tutorial, our friend Tobias, from Surfaced Studio demonstrates how to composite our GunFX into a scene using After Effects.

5 Explosive Fire Tutorials for After Effects

There’s few things as fun as creating a VFX clip with fire in it. In the following post we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite fire tutorials from around the internet. If this post inspires your inner pyromaniac check out our free 2K fire elements here on ActionVFX.

5 Great After Effects Tutorials From Some of our Friends

The tutorials you are about to view are some of the ActionVFX favorites. It is useful knowledge so you can get the most out of After Effects and to help create a smoother workflow. After all, "Knowledge is power." But remember, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

How to add more depth to our Explosions

Some of the users in our ActionVFX Facebook group shared a few techniques on how to add some extra depth to our Explosions. We thought this method was blorthy (blog worthy) enough to put it in a video tutorial!