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The Best of Black Friday 2021: Must-See Deals for VFX Artists

The Best of Black Friday 2021: Must-See Deals for VFX Artists

We're compiling the best Black Friday deals for VFX artists! Stay tuned to the VFX industry deals in one place.

You know what time it is! Black Friday deals are just around the corner (some are already going), and we are tracking it all down for you. Save yourself from browsing around the internet and bookmark this post for your deal searching.

We will continuously update this list as news comes available! If nothing is available at this very moment, we will cover what each one did last year to give you an indicator of what may happen this year.

But before we get started:


Our annual Black Friday Sale is back! It's bigger (and better) than ever before.

Here's the rundown:
  • Starts Nov. 25th at 8:00pm EST
  • Ends Dec. 3rd at 11:59pm EST
  • 55% off the library in first 24 hours
  • 50% off remaining days of the sale
  • Get 2X the monthly elements on Annual Subscription Plans

We're also dropping seven new collections, and some are free!

Black Friday VFX Deals Currently Live:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Home to some of our favorite software! Save 40% on the all-app Creative Cloud plan, making the subscription for all apps $29.99/mo instead $52.99/mo for the first year. Deal ends Nov. 26th.

Boris FX

Boris FX is running deals up to 50% off. Their Permanent License Bundles are 50% off, while other tools like Mocha Pro 2022, Silhouette, and more are 25% off. You also have the option to combine two or three products into one bundle for massive savings.

The sale ends Nov. 28th at midnight PST.

aescripts + aeplugins

This site is a great source for tools for leading 2D and 3D software like After Effects and Cinema 4D. Everything is 25% off from November 29th to December 6.


Corel creates handy tools for graphics, digital painting, photo and video editing, among others. You can save up to $160 on their top products right now thanks to their early Black Friday deals.


EmberGen is a real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool. This tool can simulate, render, export flipbooks, VDB volumes, and more. Right now, you can get 30% off all Indie Annual Licenses until Nov. 29th. Use code BLACKFRIDAY at check out.

The Futur

The Futur is an incredible resource for business and creative design. They sell courses like logo design and animations, as well as tools and lectures. They're dropping mystery products all month long starting now!


KitBash3D creates 3D assets for movies and video games. Their world-building kits are insanely cool. You can get 50% off their entire store.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe creates tools for designers and animators in After Effects. Battle Axe customers can use the code DUMPLING for 30% off. This deal ends December 5th.

Pixel Film Studios

If you're more of a Final Cut Pro person, you could consider this a one-stop-shop. They have VFX plugins, tracker suites, and more. They're currently running massive deals, some being over half off. There's no word yet on an official Black Friday sale, but these deals are certainly worthy of a massive Black Friday price cut.


Insydium makes fantastic Cinema 4D products. And they have just introduced INSYDIUM Fused, containing all their plugins and products in one collection. The products INSYDIUM Fused is 40% off with code FUSED40, and INSYDIUM Fused Maintenance is 25% off with code MNT25. Codes are valid until Tuesday, November 30th.

Kinematic Lab

Kinematic Lab creates tools for 3ds Max, including rigging, models, motion graphics, particles, and more. You can get 40% off with code FRIDAY until Dec. 4th.


Wysilab are the creators of Instant Terra, giving artists ultra-fast 3D terrain generators allowing you to see your landscape in real-time. Right now, they have a special Black Friday offer, giving you 50% off perpetual licenses on Instant Terra and Instant Terra Unlimited.

iToo Software

iToo creates impressive tools for 3ds Max. Right now, there are Black Friday deals on the following products: Forest Pack, RailClone, Forest Pack and RailClone Bundle, The3dGarden, and TheParametricLibrary.


Isotropix develops high-end graphics software, providing CG artists with the tools to succeed. Their flagship product, Clarisse 5, is now available. Their Black Friday Sale is live, and you can get 40% off all Clarisse Indie Licenses until Dec. 1 with code BF2021.

Effective TDs

Effective TDs offers VFX and educational tools. They're running deals on tools and their education options, with some being more than 50% off.


Greyscale Gorilla provides Cinema 4D training, materials, and plugins. This Black Friday, you can get a full year of Greyscalegorilla Plus for $280 starting Dec. 8th. This offer includes new memberships and annual renewals.

They're also giving away a free year of Plus every day starting November 24th until December 7th!


Turbosquid has some of the best 3D models for professionals. Right now, you can get up to 50% off selected items until Nov. 30th.


FilmConvert's plugins for color grading seamlessly fit into popular software such as After Effects, Resolve, Final Cut, and more. As a VFX artist in AE, this can help. Right now, you can get 40% off all software.

Time In Pixels

Here's another great resource for color grading that can be used in a wide variety of software, including DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Premiere Pro & After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and more. Their Black Friday sale is active, and you can get 30% off everything with code BLACKPIXELS.


Affinity Photo is a great software option for photo editing and design. Each piece of software they sale, Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher, as well as their add ons, are 30% off right now for their Black Friday event.


Filmstro allows you to use three sliders, Momentum, Depth, and Power, to create the music that best fits your edit. You can save $500/year & get lifetime Pro Plus access for $189 with no subscription.

Learn Squared

Wanting to level up your skills? Learn Squared offers courses on film, games, and more from leading artists in the industry. This Black Friday, you can get select courses across a multitude of software at 40% off.


Toolfarm is a third-party reseller of After Effects plugins and tools! Nearly 1,200 tools are on sale right now. Go check them out!


BlenderMarket is the perfect spot to find add-ons, scripts, models and more from creators all around the world. Right now, you can get 25% off thousands of products.


Eyedesyn has tools, tutorials, courses, and more to assist your work in Cinema 4D and After Effects. There's deals on their products at the moment, but no official Black Friday announcement as of yet.


Ultrafast transfers with simultaneous backups. Their website says it best: "When creating multiple backups takes no longer than just one, you can finally sleep well — no more late night hotel room backup sessions."

Hedge is running deals up to 50% off, including their flagship Hedge software, a bundle with six different apps, and more.


FXPHD is a subscription-based VFX, post-production, and motion graphics training program lead by industry professionals. This is a good resource to tap into stay up to date and hone your skills.

Right now, you can save 30% on memberships, Resolve training, and the intro to HDR until Nov. 29th.

Black Friday VFX Deals To Expect:

The Foundry

Last year, you could get a Modo subscription, a powerful 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering toolset for 30% off. And if you were looking to upgrade an older perpetual license, you could have done so and saved 20% on the first year when you upgraded to Modo Maintenance.

Red Giant Complete

Red Giant Complete, containing all their tools including Trapcode, VFX Suite, and more was 50% off, while everything else was 30% off.


Speaking of 3D models, Humano specializes in 3D models of humans. All prices sitewide were 30% off at checkout last Black Friday.

Render Boss

Render Boss gives you the ability to render multiple frames on the same computer or computers distributed across a network. You could get 40% off last Black Friday.


Kyno is one of the top media management tools. You can preview, back up, convert, trim, organize, and more from all types of cameras. The Kyno Standard and Premium edition were both 30% off last Black Friday.


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