New Software 'Das Element' Helps Organize And Manage Your VFX Library | ActionVFX

New Software 'Das Element' Helps Organize And Manage Your VFX Library

New Software 'Das Element' Helps Organize And Manage Your VFX Library

Organization is key when building out a VFX asset library. Das Element can help with that.

We all know that black hole somewhere on our computer or a company's server that you can got lost in instantly. And in the end, all this does is slow down the pace of your workflow and the pipeline.

A new tool that has just launched is Das Element, an asset library software that will better manage your library of effects. Our VFX elements serve as an example in the video below!

How Das Element Works

Das Element will store the element in an organized folder structure. It creates proxy formats for easy preview and will save them to the database.

Multiple libraries can be created depending on the type of asset for better organization. It can also store textures, reference images, clips from the internet, and more.

Tagged elements are essential to quickly find the perfect element. Das Element has an easy-to-use tagging process, boasting an auto tagging feature. This feature is a handcrafted machine learning model that was built and trained specifically on thousands of VFX elements. You can add tags yourself, or you can use auto tagging to generate them for you, like you see below.
Most elements can be broken down into category names like fire, smoke, debris, and explosions. Das Element includes a feature that was built to understand this common terminology. It uses a category hierarchy specifically designed for VFX which leverages descriptions and synonyms from public domain sources. Artists can search for similar terms and always find the correct category.

You can see this hierarchy in action below, as well as the convenient preview you can scrub through.
In the end, this software is here to save you or your team time, speeding up your workflow and pipeline.

Where To Find Das Element

You can learn more about Das Element, and even receive a demo, on the website.

They have different plans to sign up for, depending on the plan and amount of access that you'll need! There's also searchable documentation to assist in any technical questions you may have.

We're excited to see how this tool helps speed up artists' workflow. Time is precious!

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