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How To Composite Dust Explosions | After Effects Tutorial

How To Composite Dust Explosions | After Effects Tutorial

Learn how to composite Dust Explosions, Dust Waves, and more in this After Effects tutorial.

There's nothing quite like a well-composited explosion to elevate your production. In this tutorial, we're compositing our Dust Explosion stock footage elements into a live-action scene.
We will also dive into planar tracking with BorisFX's Mocha, an introduction to Roto Brush, and compositing other ActionVFX elements, as well!

Download the background plate and follow along with us!

This After Effects explosion tutorial covers:

  1. Planar tracking in Mocha
  2. Basics of Roto Brush
  3. Compositing ActionVFX Dust stock footage (Dust Explosion, Dust Waves)
  4. Compositing Exploding Debris Vol. 2 into the explosion
  5. Compositing free Bullet Tracers

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