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How To Composite Dripping Water VFX | After Effects Tutorial

How To Composite Dripping Water VFX | After Effects Tutorial

We're continuing our Rain VFX compositing shot with more rain elements and green screen keying.

In part one of the rain compositing tutorial, we turned a daytime scene into a gloomy storm with a downpour of rain. That included puddles, storm clouds, and more!

Now, we will show you how to composite our Dripping Water elements off an umbrella and Rain Drops on Ground elements for the rain impacts!
We're also adding an unfortunate person into the rain (with that umbrella, at least) with some basic green screen keying.

This After Effects rain tutorial covers:

  1. The basics of green screen keying
  2. How to extract soft shadow from the green screen
  3. Making water pour off the umbrella using Dripping Water stock footage
  4. Adding rain interaction on the umbrella using Rain Drops on Ground stock footage

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