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How To Composite Rain VFX | After Effects Tutorial

How To Composite Rain VFX | After Effects Tutorial

Turn a daytime scene into a gloomy storm with a downpour of rain!

Like Thanos says, "reality can be whatever I want". And well, with some ActionVFX stock footage and a helpful VFX tutorial, you can say that too about the weather!
In this After Effects tutorial, which is part one of two in creating this stormy scene, we are going to teach you how to composite storm clouds, a downpour of rain, puddles, and more!

This After Effects rain tutorial covers:

1. How to convert a daytime scene into a gloomy, rainy mood
2. How composite Storm Cloud VFX stock footage to simulate a storm
2. Creating water puddles with a ripple effect and reflection
3. Using displacement to simulate wind
4. Creating the rainfall and rain on ground effects using the Rain VFX stock footage

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