Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2 Now Available

Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2 Now Available

November 20, 2017
Joe Camarata
During the Summer of 2017, our team spent five intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new Stock Footage Collections, which almost DOUBLES the current Collections on our website! These new Collections include Explosions Vol. 2, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, Snow, Fire, and more.

We are very excited to announce our newest additions to the ActionVFX.com library: Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2!

These new Collections are here just in time for our annual 50% off Black Friday Sale, starting on Thursday November 23rd and going through Friday December 1st.

Explosions Vol. 2

The Explosions Vol. 2 Collection features 25 real Gas Explosion Stock Footage elements. We wanted to overcome the number one problem that always comes with Explosion elements: transparent smoke. In order to retain both the fire and smoke, we shot this Collection in front of the ultimate blue background… the sky. With this Collection, you can spend a lot less time plugging holes in the footage, and focus more on creating the most realistic visual effects shot.

Some of these explosions even reach upwards of 40ft in the air! Each clip varies in size and shape, providing plenty of different looks to choose from. The clips were shot vertically in order to capture the full rise of explosion, without sacrificing much resolution.

This Collection is filmed in 5K resolution, at 96fps on the RED Weapon Helium 8K camera, which means you can slow these clips down significantly to fit your shot more accurately.

You have two options when buying these. You can either get the 3K version, which gives you a pre-keyed version of the effect in 3K resolution, or get the Pro version, which gives you both a pre-keyed version in 5K resolution, as well as the original unkeyed 5K .R3D file that was shot. So if you prefer to do your own keying and want to make these explosions your own, the 5K Pro version is for you!

Aerial Explosions

The Aerial Explosions Collection contains 10 CG elements of zero-gravity explosions in mid-air. Even though this Collection is smaller than most, it’s still packed with a lot of variety. Like most of our Collections, all these explosions stay perfectly within the frame from start to finish, so you can edit with peace of mind, knowing that none of the elements will get cut off at the edges.

This Collection is available in both 2K and 4K resolution. Both resolutions include a Prores version and an OpenEXR version.

The OpenEXR sequences include an RGB pass so you can adjust the lighting of the explosion, a Volume Light pass to isolate the volume light source of the explosion, and Fire and Smoke passes that allows you to isolate the fire from the smoke. The key word to take from this is… ISOLATE!

The Prores files are 10-bit clips with an alpha channel, so while you don’t get as much control as the OpenEXR sequences, they will still work great for most situations.

Aerial Explosions have been on our to-do list for quite some time now, so we’re excited to finally make them available!

Dust Waves Vol. 2

The Dust Waves Vol. 2 Collection contains 40 clips of real dust wave elements. Last year, we released the Free Dust Waves Collection and while it was a success, we decided to make it even better this time around. This Collection improves on what worked before and also brings some new features to the table.

Vol. 2 adds several angles to the mix: front, side, top-down, and close-up. With these differing perspectives, you can easily find a clip to add extra depth to your shot.

These new Dust Waves vary in density and speed, and unlike the Free Collection, are available in 5k resolution at 96fps and 6K resolution at 75fps. Just like with the Explosions Vol. 2 Collection, this allows you freedom to play with the speed of the elements to better meet your needs.

The great thing about Dust Waves is they can be used for anything. From gentle settling of dirt to quick and powerful ground impacts, this Collection is bound to make your VFX shots look a lot more realistic.

Whichever Collection(s) you choose, rest assured that you are getting quality elements that you can’t get anywhere else but ActionVFX.com! Head over to our products page now to preview these effects for yourself!

As always, if you have any questions about any of our effects, we’ll be here to help. You can also check out our tutorials to learn how to get the most out of our elements!

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