Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 14 - The Anatomy of an Explosion with Urban Bradesko

Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 14 - The Anatomy of an Explosion with Urban Bradesko

January 31, 2022
Jonathan Fields

Urban Bradesko joins us for episode fourteen in season two of Ask An Artist!

In Episode 14, we welcome 3D & VFX artist Urban Bradeskoo. Urban is the Creative Director at REBELWAY and has many years of experience in the VFX industry that has led to him being considered an expert in the medium. In this episode, Luke and Urban dissect what makes a great explosion and what components get the most realistic result.

Ask An Artist Podcast: Ep 14 - "The Anatomy of an Explosion" with Urban Bradesko

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H4: Episode 14 Show Notes:
  • Introducing Urban Bradesko from Rebelway - 1:58
  • Astonishing explosion sequence from Netflix’s Red Notice - 2:36
  • Urban’s background, from CG simulations to Rebelway - 6:59
  • What makes a good explosion? - 14:38
  • Subcategories of explosion - 17:12
  • The most popular explosion: the gas explosion - 17:45
  • The impact explosion - 20:08
  • The spark explosion - 21:53
  • Aerial explosion: shifting to zero gravity - 27:04
  • Mushroom cloud explosions: making nuke shockwaves - 28:13
  • Tips on making realistic and convincing CG explosions - 32:26
  • Explosion fun facts - 37:11
  • Mixing compounds, filming explosions, and leaving impact - 40:34
  • Key Takeaways - 51:46
  • Additional fun facts for explosions - 53:29
  • Improving the work culture through equipping people and building tools - 54:57

Connect with Urban Bradesko:

To see the explosions that Urban and Luke breakdown, click below to see the full videos:


Autobots Vs Decepticon || The Town Battle

SPECTRE | Guinness World Record Explosion

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