Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 11 - Collaborative Storytelling With Andrew Donoho

Ask An Artist: Season 2, Ep 11 - Collaborative Storytelling With Andrew Donoho

Andrew Donoho joins us for episode eleven in season two of Ask An Artist!

Ask an Artist is back with Season 2! In this episode, we welcome director Andrew Donoho. He’s worked on music videos with artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Bella Poarch, Bastille, Beck, and Sir Paul McCartney.

In this discussion, Andrew talks about how starting as a young VFX artist with the opportunity to work on some high-profile projects has helped to shape his future career trajectory.

Ask An Artist Podcast: Ep 11 - "Collaborative Storytelling" with Andrew Donoho

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Episode 11 Show Notes:

How does he find himself effectively collaborating with other artists as an artist himself? - 1:05
Andrew's background in VFX and transitioning to music videos. - 8:36
Is there anyone questioning his skills or taking him seriously because he's young? - 13:59
Did he ever lie about his age, just to avoid age conversation? - 16:09
His first high-profile directing gig. - 19:03
Initial thoughts and experiences with working on the video with Paul McCartney. - 23:19
Is it difficult to make the transition? How was he able to find the balance? - 31:59
His next trajectory with what he wants to eventually work on. - 36:51
Piece of advice to someone who wants to follow his career path. - 40:11

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