Adobe To Acquire | Here's What That Means For Creative Cloud Users

Adobe To Acquire | Here's What That Means For Creative Cloud Users

Adobe is making strides to simplify collaboration across the Creative Cloud.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if during a production we were able to communicate and collaborate in real time as a team amongst the Creative Cloud? If only there was a program like Google Docs or Microsoft Teams, but for video production? 

Whether the project be for film, television, or digital video, it can sometimes feel like pulling teeth with all the different programs and tools that you need to accomplish the simple act of seeing footage and giving your feedback. 

Adobe is seeking to make the workflow much simpler for its Creative Cloud users with its $1.28 billion purchase of the cloud-based collaborative video production company
While Adobe has looked at creating their own version of this same idea, they decided it made more sense to purchase, which already had a successful cloud-based platform that some of Adobe’s current users were already utilizing outside of the Adobe Creative Cloud system.

What is allows for multiple members of the production team and clients to look over uploaded footage, leave feedback, and edit and make those changes together. It is meant to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone. even plays a huge role in the collaboration of ActionVFX's creative team.

The best part is all of this can happen in real time for everyone involved.

Adobe is looking to bring this technology to their popular Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects programs first. Later down the road, they have plans for usage in Adobe Photoshop.

This purchase is a smart one for Adobe when you look at how teams, especially after 2020, may not be in the same room, city, or even country as each other. And with the affects of COVID-19 continuing to shape the way people work, collaboration from a distance is a must for any company.

While this initial purchase will serve the few that use Adobe’s main products, it also allows for future integration within the Creative Cloud ecosystem well beyond the initial programs announced to use’s software.

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