8 Best Digital Juice Alternatives

8 Best Digital Juice Alternatives

June 20, 2023
Cody Vineyard

We compared the eight best alternatives to Digital Juice for your go-to VFX stock footage elements.

Digital Juice, founded in 1992, provides royalty-free video editing and print and graphic design assets. Its longevity and experience in the space account for its historical popularity among creative professionals looking for a wide variety of pre-built elements for multiple creative projects, such as presentations and website development.

However, Digital Juice does have some drawbacks, particularly for anyone exclusively looking for a high quality source of digital assets, such as stock visual effects. These downsides may leave users wondering if they can get a better deal from other, similar sites. 

For example:
  • Digital Juice's website is not straightforward to find what you’re looking for, because it’s visually crowded and difficult to navigate.
  • Some users on forums have flagged the quality and age of the elements provided.
  • Despite offering a single-priced lifetime access front and center on the site, users report having to pay additional fees for newer elements in its database.
  • Digital Juice’s headquarters were originally in the United States, but has now relocated most of its services to India, which some users say has slowed the responsiveness of its customer service due to time differences.
Considering these drawbacks, we will discuss 8 Digital Juice alternatives for video professionals looking for a reliable source of VFX stock elements, starting with our own library ActionVFX:
  1. ActionVFX
  2. MotionVFX
  3. Video Copilot
  4. BigFilms
  5. FX Elements
  6. Visual FX Pro
  7. RocketStock
  8. VideoHive
We’ll describe the core features of each platform and note where they stand out, as well as potential areas for improvement.

1. ActionVFX: Best Library for High-Quality VFX Stock Footage

ActionVFX provides you with cinema-grade VFX elements, only offering content created by our own professionals to ensure our VFX stock footage library's versatility and quality.

VFX Stock Footage That Are Easy to Find and Use

The platform offers a vast selection of high-quality, user-friendly visual effects elements, providing post-production professionals with an optimal choice for their projects that require VFX stock footage.

ActionVFX's collections are ever-expanding, and it regularly introduces new collections to the library to keep up with users' needs and provide the best possible resources on an ongoing basis. You can upvote product recommendations here, as well as add your own!

The effects on the website are also organized into categories, and the website is specially designed to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. You simply click on the category you are interested in, which reveals sub-categories, as shown in the image for electricity effects below.

The currently available VFX stock categories, each with a range of collections, on the ActionVFX website are:
  • Fire
  • Energy FX (flares, lightning etc.)
  • Glass
  • Explosions
  • Animals
  • Optics
  • Electricity
  • People & Crowds
  • Smoke & Fog
  • Blood & Gore
  • Debris & Impact
  • Gun FX
  • Particles
  • Water
  • Weather
  • Sound FX (audio)
  • Space
  • Plants & Trees
  • Textures
  • Slime

Along with access to individual VFX elements, the platform also provides a growing range of Variety Packs that include a variety of effects of different genres of film and video. Our current packs include the VFX Starter Pack, Building Fire Essentials, The Shootout Crate, and The Sorcerer's Vault.

Image from our Building Fire Essentials Variety Pack

The elements are pre-keyed, so they can be dragged and dropped right into your software.

ActionVFX's VFX Stock Footage is Compatible with a Variety of Compositing Software

ActionVFX's VFX stock footage elements are high-quality, royalty-free, and can be worked on in popular VFX software such as Adobe After Effects, Nuke, and others.

Here's the list of common software where ActionVFX elements can be used:

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials for Compositing Software

ActionVFX offers a range of tutorials. These video tutorials and guides help you understand how to fully utilize the VFX elements on the site.

Check out one of our most popular tutorials below. There are many more just like this!

Word-Class Customer Service

ActionVFX's net promoter score (NPS) has been consistently rated at 80 or higher, illustrating a dedication to customer satisfaction.

The ActionVFX team offers personalized service that caters to the individual needs of customers throughout the process. If you experience difficulty accessing an element you have downloaded or if it does not work as intended, the ActionVFX customer support team is available for assistance.

Unlimited Usage License: Elements are Yours to Use Forever

ActionVFX users get a Lifetime License for unlimited use of any VFX stock footage element they buy a-la-carte, or download during their membership period. This means that even if you cancel your membership, any downloaded effects are forever yours to use in your own projects. 

However, if you are a member, you lose access to these elements on the ActionVFX platform once you cancel, so make sure you download and store them in a secure location.

ActionVFX offers affordable annual plans for access to an extensive library of VFX stock footage elements, compatible with all the most popular compositing software. Become a member today to start using our professional-grade VFX.

2. MotionVFX

The MotionVFX website describes the platform as a creator of effects plugins for Final Cut Pro (FCP), DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Motion templates. 

So, it's a great source for FCPX plugins and DaVinci plugins that give users top-quality tools and premium templates to create custom visual effects from scratch.

Where MotionVFX Stands Out

  • Provides high-quality plugins for Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.
  • Great source of templates for Apple Motion.

MotionVFX's area for improvement

  • MotionVFX's library of VFX stock footage elements is limited compared to other platforms.
  • MotionVFX's stock elements can be complex to use, especially for newbies, and users report that video tutorials, when available, are not easy to follow.
  • Buying full packages, or bundles, of VFX elements can be expensive, and MotionVFX offers no subscription option for ongoing VFX stock footage downloads.

3. Video Copilot

Video CoPilot is a platform for creating VFX assets like visual effects, 3D models, and motion graphics. 

Although it provides some VFX stock footage elements, it doesn't specialize in providingthem. However, It does offer some VFX components that can be used as a basis for creating more complex effects when working with video editing and compositing software.

Where Video Copilot Stands Out

  • Video Copilot's video effects are designed to work with Adobe After Effects, and expert users will find its animation, motion design, and plug-ins and add-ons useful.

Video Copilot's Areas for Improvement

  • If you use other video editing or compositing software, Video Copilot's effects will probably not be compatible with your setup.
  • Video CoPilot’s products can be costly, particularly if you need more than one set of plugins or other assets.

4. BigFilms

BigFilms provides a wide range of VFX stock footage elements. The platform was founded by filmmaker Steven Liszka, who was looking for 'blockbuster' quality VFX elements for his film projects. 

When he found few he was happy with, he decided to create his own, with a focus on making them as easy as possible to use without professional skills and without compromising on their visual impact.

Where BigFilms Stands Out

  • VFX elements are designed to be especially easy to use, even by filmmakers with few VFX skills.
  • High-quality VFX with great visual impact.

BigFilms' Areas for Improvement

  • Doesn't sell single effects, only offers packs.
  • Buying packs as the only option can prove expensive 

5. FX Elements

FX Elements offers VFX stock footage elements for cinema, games and other media, including explosions, fire, debris, and more. They also provide composite elements such as green screen backgrounds and matte paintings to combine assets.

Where FX Elements Stands Out

  • FX Elements is a cost-effective option for people looking to purchase individual VFX clips.
  • FX Elements doesn't charge customers subscription fees for buying effects bundles, making it suitable for users who just want single clips.
FX Elements' Areas for Improvement

  • FX Elements' library has a limited selection of VFX stock footage elements.
  • FX Elements' library lacks substantial pyrotechnical effects/explosions.
Users report that some elements break frame, requiring further cleanup for wider shots. This can be a common occurrence for any VFX stock footage provider, but ActionVFX strives to eliminate this issue when possible.

6. Visual FX Pro

Visual FX Pro, a provider of VFX stock footage elements, was started in 2020 by a former visual effects freelancer. 

The platform offers a selection of tools for generating visual effects including particle systems, 3D tracking, and rotoscoping.

Where Visual FX Pro Stands Out

  • Good for buying individual VFX assets at a competitive price.
  • Users can upload their own effects and earn money from sales.

Visual FX Pro's Areas for Improvement

  • Visual FX Pro's library of VFX stock footage options is still limited.

7. RocketStock

RocketStock, a division of Shutterstock, specializes in video assets and templates for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for visual effects. Its offering includes transitions, overlays, light leaks and more.

Where RocketStock Stands Out

  • Customizing Rocketstock's video assets and effects is relatively uncomplicated.
  • The platform offers users access to a selection of free resources and releases new templates on a regular basis without any subscription requirements.

RocketStock's Areas for Improvement

  • RocketStock's VFX stock footage elements can be costly.
  • RocketStock's VFX bundles contain a large number of effects, with users often purchasing more than they need.

8. VideoHive

VideoHive is a platform that provides royalty-free video footage, motion graphics, and After Effects templates on the Envato Market. The cost of an asset on the platform is determined by complexity, quality, and function, plus a buyer’s fee.

Where VideoHive Stands Out

  • VideoHive offers individual elements for purchase from a few dollars. There is also a monthly payment plan starting at $14.50/month with limited downloads.
  • VideoHive offers a wide variety of VFX elements, as users can both upload their own effects to sell them and download other VFX for their own use.

VideoHive's Areas for Improvement

  • The content available on VideoHive can range in quality, depending on the contributions of multiple creators who have not been screened.
If you are looking for high-quality VFX stock footage elements created by experts, VideoHive may not be suitable for your needs.

ActionVFX: The Best Digital Juice Alternative for VFX Stock Footage, Transparent Pricing, and World-Class Customer Service

ActionVFX is the best Digital Juice alternative for high-quality, curated VFX stock footage elements.

We have extensive experience in the field and offer:
  • A huge range of VFX assets with over 1,000 free elements available.
  • An easy-to-use website that saves you time finding the VFX you need.
  • A completely clear pricing structure. Pay yearly as a member with exclusive perks, or purchase a-la-carte.
  • ActionVFX elements are created by our in-house team of experienced VFX artists with post-production in mind.
Are you a VFX artist, or VFX studio, that requires regular access to consistently high-quality VFX stock footage elements on an ongoing basis? Become a member at ActionVFX and start using a vast library of professionally-created VFX in just a few clicks.

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