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5 Great After Effects Tutorials From Some of our Friends

5 Great After Effects Tutorials From Some of our Friends

Knowledge is power

I wanted to throw some educational VFX tips in your line of "fire" by providing you with 5 great After Effects tutorials done by some of our friends in the VFX community. Our team is all about providing as much value in the VFX community as possible. Check out our tutorials page to help gather some best practices for your projects.

The tutorials you are about to view are some ActionVFX favorites. It is useful knowledge for you to get the most out of After Effects. After all, "Knowledge is power." But remember, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Enough with the Sir Francis Bacon and Uncle Ben quotes, lets dive in!

1. Creating an Awe-Awe-Awe-Awesome Glitch Effect in After Effects

In this tutorial, Ignace Aleya, from Tolerated Cinematics, walks you through step-by-step how to create a computer glitch feel to your project. He is teaching you how to use this as an intro, but if you use the creative brain I know you all have you can use this in any segment of your project you'd like.

2. Quickly add Trendy, 2D Flat Shadows to any Project

VinhSon Nguyen, from CreativeDojo, guides you in using a different solution to quickly create long, flat, 2D shadows in any motion graphic animation. There are other 2D shadow solutions out there, but a lot of them are a bit more time consuming. Give this a try in one of your projects to see if this works for you!

3. Stop a Laser Blast Shot by Using The Force...the After Effects Force, that is...

We all have wanted to be able to use The Force at some point or another. Well, now you can! Jump into After Effects and follow along in this tutorial as Grant Cook, from Lone Archer Films, takes you through how to create similar laser blast like the ones in Star Wars.

4. Catch the "Buzz" with Mocha Ae and Planar Tracking!

Tobias Gleissenberger, from Surfaced Studio, is always turning something normal into a chaotic crazy mess on screen, whether it's making something explode or turning Walter into having a super psychotic meltdown. In this actually "tame" tutorial, Tobias shows us how to utilize Mocha Ae (smaller version of Mocha) by using planar tracking on any surface in our composition.
We also have a Ground Crack tutorial that discusses how to best use Mocha Pro 5 in your projects.

5. Sh-Sh-Shake it off, 3D Camera Tracker has your Back

Anyone can tell when a scene is tracked poorly. I want to point you in the right direction and focus your attention on Kris Truini, from Kriscoart Productions, as he shows you how to turn bad 3D camera tracking into good 3D camera tracking and really getting an object to stick where you want it.

I really enjoyed putting this blog post together! It gave me a chance to shout out at some of our friends in the VFX community, and I was able to pull 5 great tutorials into one central location for YOU.

I hope everyone who read this was able to take something valuable from each tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to each of these channels to reference in the future.

Please feel free to send questions or thoughts our way any time of the day at [email protected] Y'all are the reason why we come to the office everyday and continue to make awesome products.

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