Tutorial creating mattes

Tutorial: Creating Mattes in After Effects

Tutorial: Creating Mattes in After Effects

Learn how to create mattes and make your VFX appear behind objects.

This week we’re taking a quick look at adding mattes to make sure your VFX are appearing behind objects in your scene. In this example, we are adding mattes to make our Explosions erupt from the other side of a large building.

Download the background plate here and follow along as I composite some elements from the Explosions Vol. 2 Collection into this scene.

This After Effects Tutorial Focuses On:

  • Different techniques to block out your VFX where they don’t need to be seen
  • Using Mocha Pro to create mattes that detect movement
  • Utilizing Key Cleaner to save time instead of masking out tediously
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and were able to discover new ways to better composite our stock footage into your projects.

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