2 New Exciting VFX Stock Footage Collections: Lens Dirt Vol. 2 And Candles & Small Flames | ActionVFX

2 New Exciting VFX Stock Footage Collections: Lens Dirt Vol. 2 And Candles & Small Flames

2 New Exciting VFX Stock Footage Collections: Lens Dirt Vol. 2 And Candles & Small Flames

Two new stock footage collections – same industry-standard quality.

We're continuing our monthly product release schedule, welcoming two new VFX collections to our ever-expanding library: Lens Dirt Vol. 2 and Candles & Small Flames.
These collections are packed with features that will benefit your current and future projects. We've compiled an overview of both products for you.

Lens Dirt Vol. 2 Stock Footage

Lens Dirt Vol. 2 Specs: 
  • 50 overlays of real lens dirt
  • Delivered in 2K and 5K
  • Formats: PNG

The Lens Dirt Vol. 2 overlays build upon the original Lens Dirt Overlays collection and takes it to the next level. If you're in need of a lens that has debris and particles on it, we have you covered!

There's more than just dirt, though! This is where it gets good. We also have overlays that look like broken glass, snow, ice, and more.

Variations include focal length, focal distance (size of bokeh), type of lens debris, and the amount on the lens.
They are extremely easy to use, too! Just use "Screen" or "Add" blending modes.

Candles & Small Flames Stock Footage

Candles & Small Flames Specs: 
  • 31 real clips of small flames
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K/5K Pro
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 and 5K R3D
  • Frame Rate: 59.94fps

The Candles & Small Flames collection provides high-quality flames on a small scale. A very small scale, actually. And it's the first of its kind in our popular Fire Category, but properly exposed, like all other collections.

These elements were shot on the RED Gemini 5K, and are perfect for flames on candles, burners, matches, and more.

If having real fire on set is a problem or safety hazard (or you just don't want to risk it), this is the collection for you.

Variations include the type of flame (candles, matches, etc), ignition and extinguishing clips, continuous burns, and wind exposure!
Use "Screen" or "Add" blending modes to integrate them into your scenes easily.

Gain access to both of these collections, as well as the whole library, for a low $14.99/month price with our new cheap ActionVFX Subscription!

What do you get?
  • Access to the entire library
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Lifetime license on elements downloaded
  • New monthly elements (like these above!)
  • And so much more!


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