2 New Fiery VFX Stock Footage Collections: Burning Steel Wool and Fireworks Vol. 2 | ActionVFX

2 New Fiery VFX Stock Footage Collections: Burning Steel Wool and Fireworks Vol. 2

2 New Fiery VFX Stock Footage Collections: Burning Steel Wool and Fireworks Vol. 2

Light up your visual effects with new VFX stock footage collections.

We're releasing two new gorgeous VFX stock footage collections that will take your creativity to a new level: Burning Steel Wool and Fireworks Vol. 2.

Both collections were shot on the RED GEMINI, providing you with resolutions up to 5K (Burning Steel Wool) and high frame rates to be able to slow each element down to perfectly fit your scene.

Burning Steel Wool VFX Stock Footage

Burning Steel Wool Specs: 
  • 27 clips of real burning steel wool
  • Angles: Wide, Close up
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K/5K Pro
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 and 5K R3D
  • Frame Rate: 59.94fps

One of the more versatile elements, Burning Steel Wool can be used in a variety of ways! It can be utilized as burning hair, smoldering metal, planet destruction, and even enhance your motion graphic titles.

There are multiple variations to play around with, as well. The shape of the steel wool, clips showing ignition, burn pattern, and behavior make each clip different from the other.
These elements are designed for your creativity. Try them out and tell us how you incorporated it into your shot!

Fireworks Vol. 2 VFX Stock Footage

Fireworks Vol. 2 Specs: 
  • 20 clips of real fireworks
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444
  • Frame Rate: 59.94fps

We've recently released Vol. 1, and Vol. 2 works alongside it with some key differences.

Fireworks Vol. 2 contains clips of real fireworks that overlap in time. This gives you the ability to work faster and with more simplicity. It's like working with a 10-second snippet of a full fireworks show!

Variations include the size, style, and color of the firework! Since they're shot on RED, these fireworks look as if you were there yourself.
To view both collections, click below and see what they have to offer you!


Starting at $14.99, you can gain access to these elements and download them with the ActionVFX Subscription. It's industry level VFX stock footage, for one low monthly price.

We're also releasing new VFX collections every month! View our release schedule here.

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