Whether you’re a DP, 3D modeler, director, or compositor - having an on-set reference of 3D VFX during production can be incredibly handy as you’re framing your shot, setting up lighting, placing your actors, etc. Check out this post learn how you can reference 3D VFX during production!

For the majority of VFX artists interested in VR filmmaking, Mocha’s VR tools are a lifesaver. Its universal integration across so many platforms, accessibility, and familiarity for many VFX artists makes Mocha VR the essential tool for compositing in VR.

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If you're looking to get into VR, but not sure where to start; this is the blog post for you! We are going to help prepare you for the future of immersive video production.

The evolution of 360 video and virtual reality is going to be an interesting one, and the great thing about becoming involved in it at this stage is you have a lot of freedom to experiment with what’s possible in VR filmmaking.