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Discussing Filmmaking, VFX, and ActionVFX with Lost Eye Films

We had the opportunity earlier this month to be involved in Lost Eye Films’ newest short film entitled “He’ll be back in a minute.” The VFX Artists on this film made great use of our newly released Atmospheric Smoke & Fog assets, simulating cold-weather breath and area fog.

Warcraft: A New Era of VFX

Hey fellow VFX'ers, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the visuals used in Warcraft: The Beginning. We could focus on everything the movie has accomplished as a whole in the VFX world, but that would be a seriously long post. For now, we will focus specifically on the character creation and visual work done to create the orc race.

Claude Autret On Creating The ActionVFX Intro

Claude Autret, the creator of our new ActionVFX intro, talks with us on his creative process for this project, as well as sharing some great advice for people interested in pursuing a career in the motion graphics industry.

Win a FREE ActionVFX Collection!

Tobias, from Surfaced Studio, is hosting a contest featuring one of our Fireball effects. The two winners will receive one Collection of their choosing from the ActionVFX library.

How to add more depth to our Explosions

Some of the users in our ActionVFX Facebook group shared a few techniques on how to add some extra depth to our Explosions. We thought this method was blorthy (blog worthy) enough to put it in a video tutorial!

Producing Orphaned Courage with Josiah Stendel

We had the opportunity to interview a valued member of the ActionVFX community, Josiah Stendel, regarding his upcoming film Orphaned Courage! Josiah gave ActionVFX a sneak peek behind-the-scenes.

Why Choose ActionVFX?

As you get more familiar with us, you will find many reasons why we stand out from our competitors, but for now we’ve compiled a list of just a few main points that make us different.

Welcome to ActionVFX!

Our team here at RodyPolis has been patiently waiting for the chance to launch our latest website and show the community what we have been working so hard on the last several months. Introducing…!