Guest Tutorial: How to Create a Portal Using ActionVFX Elements

In this guest tutorial, Daniel Novarro creates a portal effect using our elements in After Effects. He covers various steps in the video, such as tracking the plate, inserting and creating the portal, rotoscoping, inserting some particles, and compositing them all together.

Ten Movies with Epic VFX to Look Forward To

2017 has already given us some awesome movies with impressive VFX, but we are just getting started. Here are my top 10 movies to get excited about--if not for the story, then for the awesome visual effects that will surely be displayed.

ActionVFX Interview with Adam Brashaw, Hollywood Stuntman, and Creator of Action Short Film - Adrenaline

Adam Brashaw is a Hollywood stuntman for many of the blockbuster movies we have all seen in recent years. He is also a cinematographer, actor, director, and compositor, a man of many talents. We had the awesome opportunity to interview Adam on the recent short film he created using many of our elements in his post production titled 'Adrenaline.'

VFX Trends: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

The Visual Effects industry is an ever-changing creative landscape full of visionary professionals constantly trying to outdo their previous work. Because of this, the trends in the VFX industry come and go. Here are some of the top 5 trends we see happening right now.

Tutorial: How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog

There are a million different techniques to use in the compositing world, all of which result in reaching the same end goal. Lendon hones in and keeps his eyes on the end goal, thus creating this awesome tutorial on how to best composite our Atmospheric Smoke & Fog in After Effects.