This is a busy Black Friday season for ActionVFX, so we want to lay it all out for you so there is no confusion on the exciting events taking places! This blog post covers the sale length, how you can save up to 55% on products, and the special contest that can only be found at ActionVFX!

We're proud to continue to innovate the VFX industry with our new products, and we want to continue to revolutionize the industry with professional-grade Blood and Gore Elements! Give a warm (and rather squeamish) welcome to our three all-new Blood and Gore Collections: Blood Mist Vol 2, Blood on Clothes, and Blood Pools!

One of the easiest (and coolest) ways to enhance a shot is by performing a sky replacement. Maybe the weather wasn’t ideal when the footage was captured, or the shot needed a neutral density filter. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to show you how you can completely change the look of your scene with a simple sky replacement!

Nothing can immediately elicit a reaction from your audience like a jump scare! Of course, sound, lighting, and tension building are all key components to landing that perfect jump scare, but we’re going to take a look at some dead-simple VFX tricks you can pair with those to bring some fun and unexpected jolts to your audience!

Since the Star Wars pop culture explosion, no film franchise has made as big an impact on Hollywood and Visual Effects as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s someone for everyone to love in the MCU and frankly, we all wish we were a hero. So, in the spirit of October, let’s take a look at how YOU can go superhuman in three amazing tutorials.

HaZ Dulull began his illustrious career as a VFX artist on blockbuster films such as The Dark Knight and Hell Boy 2, and has since rapidly moved his way into the industry. His reputation for his compositing and visionary leadership skills has propelled his name into the industry. If you haven't heard of 'HaZ' yet, remember the name.