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Are Movies the Highest Form of Art? 5 Reasons Why I Think, “Yes.”

Art is a broad term that through the centuries has meant many different things to different people and is interpreted differently by the individuals whom it was created to impress. Art transcends cultures, time, and language. So when considering that movies may in fact be the highest form of art, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting that the work of famous ancient painters or composers pales in comparison to the latest hit at the box office. Not at all.

The Future of VFX: Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

Since the genesis of filmmaking, visual effects have evolved to meet the bigger visions of directors and studios and the growing expectations of movie goers. The industry has been a public display of technology, science, and art for well over 40 years.

Stock Footage: The Ultimate Time Saver

Movies have relied on strong visual effects for well over 40 years, and with every technological advancement, VFX studios are constantly pressured into making bigger and better effects.