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The Future of VFX: Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

Since the genesis of filmmaking, visual effects have evolved to meet the bigger visions of directors and studios and the growing expectations of movie goers. The industry has been a public display of technology, science, and art for well over 40 years.

Stock Footage: The Ultimate Time Saver

Movies have relied on strong visual effects for well over 40 years, and with every technological advancement, VFX studios are constantly pressured into making bigger and better effects.

Getting Ahead in a Competitive Industry: Tips for Aspiring VFX Artists

Watch YouTube or Vimeo and you will discover that the internet is full of aspiring VFX artists; some making really impressive content that is on par with the professionals and others scraping their way through tutorials just to gain enough inspiration or knowledge to make something cool to show their family.

5 Inspiring Vimeo Channels for VFX Artists

The trick to staying up-to-date on all of the latest VFX trends is to find the right people to follow. The content you consume will reflect in your work and if you are watching the best VFX artists’ work chances are your work will slowly start to look the same. In the following post we’ll take a look at 6 of our favorite channels for VFX inspiration.