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Tutorial: How to Composite Atmospheric Smoke & Fog

There are a million different techniques to use in the compositing world, all of which result in reaching the same end goal. Lendon hones in and keeps his eyes on the end goal, thus creating this awesome tutorial on how to best composite our Atmospheric Smoke & Fog in After Effects.

Tutorial: How to Composite Bullet Hits

Motion tracking, 3D plains, fractal noise, camera shake! These are just some of things Lendon covers in our newest Bullet Hits Tutorial in After Effects. He provides so much knowledge and depth on how to properly handle compositing bullet hits into any scene.

5 Productivity Tips for a VFX artist

We could all stand to be a little more productive in our day-to-day lives. With the rise of social media, YouTube, and a plethora of instant entertainment options available, getting things done can be difficult.

Tutorial: How to Composite Muzzle Flashes

Compositing footage into a scene is a true art, and the art of compositing muzzle flashes to look believable in a scene can be quite complex. Lendon does an thorough job in this tutorial to make compositing fun and easy to accomplish.

Tutorial: How to Composite Explosions and Debris Elements

Compositing elements into a background plate can be easily done, but compositing them to look like the entire shot was captured in one, realtime frame is a whole different ball game. Lendon Bracewell dominates this tutorial by showing us how to achieve a seamless blend of our elements using any scene you choose to shoot.

Tutorial: How to Composite Fire, Sparks, and Smoke Elements

Have you ever been curious about the various tips and tricks all the talented VFX artists out there put into making a composition look so believable? Well, our talented compositor, Lendon Bracewell hits the ground running in this tutorial on how to composite Fire, Sparks, and Smoke Elements into a scene.