Our Favorite VFX Breakdowns of 2017

As you might have guessed, we watch a lot of movies here at ActionVFX, and of course after the movies are over - the BTS footage and VFX breakdowns! Our staff was blown away by television and film this year, so each of us picked a breakdown we were really blown away by.

Community Roundup: Dragonball Z, Cineforge Media, + More!

Our users continue to blow us away with how they use our VFX elements. We love seeing your finished videos, so don't be shy - send us your projects featuring ActionVFX elements for a chance to be featured on our website and social media!

Here's some cool stuff our products were used in throughout 2017.

HitFilm Pro: Professional VFX Compositing for the Next Generation

Similar to its feature-ridden predecessor, HitFilm Pro continues to raise the bar, this time with a specificity in 360 video, grading, animation, and motion graphics. HitFilm is the only video product that combines editing, compositing, and 3D capabilities all in one neat package. With over 800 visual effects and presets ready to go, you simply can’t go wrong with this software.

Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2 Now Available

During the Summer of 2017, our team spent five intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new Stock Footage Collections, which almost DOUBLES the current Collections on our website! These new Collections include Explosions Vol. 2, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, Snow, Fire, and more. We are very excited to announce our newest additions to the ActionVFX.com library: Explosions Vol. 2, Aerial Explosions, and Dust Waves Vol. 2!

Black Friday 2017 Sale Announcement

We are doing some things a bit differently this year. Yes, we are still having a 50% off sale on our entire library of action stock footage, but this time it’s for an entire week! In addition to our usual 50% off, we’ve got two more things we’re adding into the mix! Check out the details below.

How A Student Filmmaker Made An Epic Thesis Project on a $16,000 Budget

If you’re anything like the ActionVFX team, you love a good end-of-the-world film! But how can you make a unique world believable when you’ve got a low budget and a small crew? Filmmaker Preston Yarger, a fellow apocalypse junkie, wasn’t dissuaded by these problems. Determined to make something bigger than the average film student, he started putting together his vision of ARCH, his thesis project, two years before shooting.

Setting the Mood with Visual Effects

With any visual piece of art, story should be the driving force behind what makes that piece of art great. If your movie or short film doesn’t have an engaging story, then it will fail. I set this table to illustrate that any added aspect to your story should be added to accent, modify, or perfect that story.