It's that time of year again. The Oscars deliver the best VFX breakdowns, screeners are delivered, and theaters are filled with exclusive and limited showings. The following breakdowns show once again that VFX is the nexus point of technology, art, and creative problem-solving.

Our goal is to help the disorganized VFX artists out there with a few practical tips for cleaning up their messy VFX projects. We also want to help the artists in Camp One by providing them with resources to help their Camp Two co-workers. As you're reading this, keep an eye out for a few After Effects tricks that can help you be even more organized.

There’s a lot more to being a great VFX artist than just learning one or two programs or processes. While there are dedicated VFX departments for digital set design, animation, compositing, etc. - there are dozens of skills within those subsets that are required for talented VFX artists to be successful.

Compositing is one of the most volatile and intricate steps in the visual effects process. From chroma keying to advanced tracking and placement, compositing is all about marrying the creations of several artists into a final and cohesive work.