Why Every Content Creator Needs a DJI Pocket 2

Why Every Content Creator Needs a DJI Pocket 2

The DJI Pocket 2 is the most affordable way to instantly upgrade your video production beyond a simple phone camera.

We've put together an in-depth look at DJI's revolutionary Pocket 2 camera and why we think you should get one!

As mobile camera innovations continue to arrive (seemingly by the day), filmmakers and content creators no longer have to rely solely on their primary cameras to capture high-quality 4k video on the go.

But even if you don't have the latest and greatest phone (or maybe you don't even want to record video on your phone at all), one of the very best alternatives for mobile video production is the Pocket 2 by DJI.
If you're unfamiliar, the Pocket 2 is a brand-new miniature camera/gimbal system that's capable of producing high-quality 4k video, along with intelligent features like focus tracking, tons of advanced settings in DJI's Mimo app, and several other big innovations that put this camera in a class of its own.

Improving over its predecessor (the Osmo Pocket), the Pocket 2 is by far the best choice between the two. If you're interested, you can check out DJI's comparison guide explaining the differences between the two models.

While the original Osmo Pocket is a little cheaper, the value of the much-improved Pocket 2's features more than makes up for the cost difference. Higher visual fidelity, more AI enhancements, a major audio overhaul, more versatile accessories, and much more are found in this second-gen update.

Let's take a practical look at just how game-changing this tiny camera can be for filmmakers and content creators everywhere!

Compact Form Factor 

The most exciting aspect of the original Osmo Pocket, its unbelievably small footprint, is still present in the Pocket 2 despite the array of new technology packed inside.

It's substantially smaller than a phone, fits perfectly in any camera bag (or of course, your pocket), and is ready to go at a moment's notice. Thanks to a "Fast Wake" feature, you can have it switch on and immediately start recording super-smooth 4K video whenever you're ready to shoot.

The Pocket 2's battery life is rated for up to 140 minutes, and can even be extended with an official charging case add-on. When using your phone to shoot video, especially in 4K, your battery life and internal or microSD card memory can dwindle very quickly. 

By having a separate, dedicated camera like the Pocket 2, you can simply pop in a microSD card and shoot away, without fear of draining your phone's battery or storage.

This terrific battery life, combined with the small size, make it an excellent camera for events or weddings. You can place it on a tripod or mount it just about anywhere without fear of it being an eyesore.

Cinematic Flexibility

Magnetic ND filters can be popped onto the Pocket 2 with ease, creating an even more professional image.  

When used with the telescoping Extension Rod accessory, the Pocket 2 can achieve so many different looks. From simulating jib/crane shots, to ultra-low angle cinematography, to even high angle shots that look like a drone.

The Extension Rod is perfect for shooting over talent or crowds, and is a much safer (and legal) alternative to using a drone for those types of shots, as well.

With the right hardware, the Pocket 2 can also be easily mounted to a vehicle's interior or exterior, for compelling travel shots.

If you’d like to see how easily cinematic footage can be captured on the Pocket 2, check out the impressive Pocket 2 reel below!

Exceptionally Smooth Gimbal Performance Without the Need for a Separate Gimbal

Gimbals are great if you've got room and time to spare, but if you're looking for the easiest solution for smooth, professional video, you can't go wrong with the Pocket 2.

If you've been accustomed to shooting with a large full-frame camera on a heavy gimbal, you know how tiring it can get over time. Muscle fatigue can get in the way of your creativity and become a real problem. 

With the Pocket 2, you can have just as smooth footage, along with the added advantage of a much, much lighter stabilization system that you'll barely even notice. 

Plus, you don't ever have to worry about balancing the gimbal, because it's integrated with the camera itself. Just pick it up and go!

Slow-mo, Zoom, and Still Photography

The technical specs of the Pocket 2's camera go far beyond just a great sensor and gimbal. It can handle up to 8x slow motion, and even 4x video zoom and 8x zoom for photos. 

Speaking of photos, the new 1/1.7-inch sensor captures stills at a whopping 64MP (as opposed to the previous model's much lower resolution of 12MP).

Even many of today's top-tier phones can't achieve that resolution. Plus, you can capture sweeping panoramic images perfectly and automatically.
Beautiful water scenery with ice floating atop
Image Source: DJI

Intelligent Surround Sound Audio Recording

The Pocket 2 has onboard microphones capable of capturing surround sound, which is already impressive. However, the even more fascinating aspect is how surround sound recording is implemented.

Based on the context of your scene, audio is mixed on-the-fly to simulate human hearing. If your subject is close to the camera, peripheral sound is faded to the background while dialogue takes the aural forefront. 

If you zoom in to your subject, the peripheral sound fades even further, as the primary subject’s audio is even further enhanced. This is a stand-out feature that further differentiates the Pocket 2 from a mobile phone camera.

You can even opt for the Pocket 2 Creator Bundle. It includes the Do-it-All Handle accessory to unlock even more creative possibilities, along with a wireless mic transmitter that works similarly to the Rode Wireless Go for a seamless and professional audio recording experience in any environment.

Save Time in Post

One of the many advantages of the Pocket 2 is the ability to have instantly usable footage straight out of the camera. The D-Cinelike color profile looks stunning right out of the gate, creating clean HDR images and video.

The wide lens allows for creative close-ups and excellent B-roll, and again, the slow-motion can really be beneficial since you don’t have to purchase an expensive camera that’s capable of high frame rates to get exceptional slow-mo.

If you're someone who needs a high volume of content with minimal time in post, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the Pocket 2.
DJI Pocket 2 capturing footage.
Image Source: DJI

Minimize Your Gear, Maximize Your Creativity

The Pocket 2 has the ability to replace so much gear in your production kit, that it's truly mind-blowing. 

It can replace your phone's camera, a separate live-streaming camera (video below), an extra camera for B-roll, a field audio recorder, an action camera, a gimbal, and even a small camera jib or drone (for very low altitude shots) when used with the extension rod accessory.

Here's a great video analyzing its live stream capabilities!
It's one of the easiest ways to shoot razor-sharp selfie videos. It's the most affordable entry point for prosumer 4k video, and it's a perfect companion for both filmmakers and content creators. From documentaries and BTS footage to close-ups and events, the Pocket 2 does it all.

It’s obviously not a cinema camera or high-end DSLR, so it won’t replace an A-cam, or probably even a B-Cam. However, the Pocket 2 is an undeniably unique tool that lends itself to maximum creative flexibility, and for content creators or filmmakers on a budget, it’s the most affordable way to drastically step up your video production beyond a simple phone camera. 

The Pocket 2 is a camera that can do SO much, it's really quite staggering. There's never been a closer contender for a Swiss Army Knife for video, but that's exactly what DJI's Pocket 2 truly is.

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