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Where To Get Free 3D Models For VFX

Where To Get Free 3D Models For VFX

We've compiled a list of great sites to find free 3D models for your VFX.

When you’re working on a VFX project, high-quality stock VFX assets can speed you along your way, and so can stock 3D models. While there are a lot of paid 3D model sites out there, we’re going to share some great sites for FREE 3D models to enhance your VFX without breaking the bank.

As with many free asset sites, you’ll typically need to license the models that are being used commercially, but you can experiment to find what works best for your scene before taking the plunge on purchasing a model.
Models that are free for personal use can really help you hone your VFX skills and add a lot of visual flair and diversity to your scenes, as well as inspire entirely new VFX sequences you haven’t even imagined yet! 

Let's check out these must-see free 3D model sites!


Free3D.com provides thousands of models that are free for personal use, as well as plenty of paid models (even ones that are pre-rigged and animated).
Source: 3dhaupt

Free3D's library is broken into several collections that make it a cinch to find just what you're looking for. Categories include architecture, characters, aircraft, furniture, electronics, animals, plants, weapons, and more.

Available formats range from standard .obj and .fbx models to native Blender, C4D, 3DSMax, and Maya models. There’s a lot of flexibility to help you find the right models for your 3D program of choice.

Free Star Wars 3D Models

If you’re working on a Star Wars fan film, here are free Star Wars 3D models.
Source: VideoCopilot.net

Andrew Kramer worked on the actual VFX for “The Force Awakens,” so these Star Wars models were created with maximum accuracy and quality in mind. The models available include X-Wings, Tie Fighters, lightsabers, droids, and more.

Not only are these models perfect in details and dimensions, but they even include the textures necessary to make your very own Star Wars scenes that have the potential to look indistinguishable from the actual movies (with the right skills, of course)!

Unreal Engine Marketplace

The Unreal Engine Marketplace is one of the latest 3D model libraries. It features cutting edge photorealistic models from incredibly talented 3D artists around the world that truly push the boundaries of today’s VFX.

A highlight of their library is a collection of free 3D models from Quixel Megascans.
Source: Unreal Engine Marketplace | Megascans

The free Megascans models are mostly environmental, ranging from rocks, grass, and dirt mounds, to concrete and even cyberpunk-themed assets. These models add the perfect touch needed to make your scene feel more believable.

In addition to the Megascans assets, you’ll find hundreds of free Epic Games models, a curated selection of free models each month, along with hundreds of permanently free models.


One of the most well-known 3D libraries around, TurboSquid boasts a free library of over 21,000 free 3D assets. Beyond that, their vast library could probably be searched for hours on end.
Source: TigerClawAUT

Although sometimes pricey, TurboSquid’s models are an especially great option for those looking for officially licensed product models by manufacturers like Ford. Although, not all models are officially licensed, so be sure to read the fine print!

Looking for More 3D Models?

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, consider checking out CGTrader, where you can not only find a database of over a million free and premium 3D models, but you can even pick from over 40,000 freelance 3D designers available for hire to build whatever you need.

On the flip-side, if you’re an aspiring 3D designer yourself, you can sell your own 3D models on their marketplace and search available custom 3D projects to apply for projects that may fit your skills.
Source: albin

In addition to using 3D models, you’ll also want to use a great tool for texturing. Be sure to check out our article on one of our favorite 3D texturing tools!

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