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VFX Tutorial: How To Create Eye Reflections And Change Eye Color In After Effects

VFX Tutorial: How To Create Eye Reflections And Change Eye Color In After Effects

Learn how to composite a reflection into someone's eyes, as well as changing the eye color.

Learning how to put the reflections of what your subject is looking at into their eyes is certainly an effect that can catch your audience's attention.

Want the best part? It's rather simplistic in terms of editing and producing the reflection, and it's up to you in what you want your actor to be looking at!
In this tutorial, we are going to show you one of the many ways you can cast reflections onto eyes, as well as replacing the eye with other effects such as color in After Effects. Grab your close-up footage and choose something you want your subject to be gazing at and follow along with the tutorial! 

This After Effects tutorial will cover:

  • Using Mocha Pro to track each eye
  • Applying & positioning reflection clips to eyes
  • Removing practical on-set lights from the actor's eyes using Photoshop & blending modes
  • Replacing the color of the eyes
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